oscar pistorius, parole

Oscar Pistorius has been branded ‘arrogant and deluded’ over his attitude post parole.

‘Arrogant, deluded’: Oscar Pistorius criticised over ‘attitude’ [video]

A professional has branded Oscar Pistorius ‘arrogant’ and a ‘risk to women’ over his attitude following his parole release in January…

oscar pistorius, parole

Oscar Pistorius has been branded ‘arrogant and deluded’ over his attitude post parole.

A forensic psychologist has branded Oscar Pistorius “arrogant” and “deluded” amid his unsuccessful quest to find a job. The former Paralympian was released on parole in January after serving half his prison sentence for the 2013 murder of his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp.

The 37-year-old has been busying himself with volunteer work during his release. This includes janitor and maintenance work at his local church.


According to the New York Post, Oscar Pistorius approached the International Paralympic Committee for a job following his parole release.

However, the organisation – which Pistorius was proudly a part of for many years – rejected his bid, with one member naming him “too toxic to work with.”

Speaking on the UK TV programme TalkTV, forensic psychologist Keri Nixon claimed that Pistorius was not fully rehabilitated.

She said: “When we look at offenders who come out of prison and have done some programmes to go through rehabilitation, it’s important that moving forward, they are able to find work. However, in this case, we’ve got a man who still denies he was in any way abusive to his girlfriend and denies he meant to kill her. 

“He has shown signs of being rehabilitated, and there is the fact that he has been ordered to attend a domestic abuse programme as part of his parole.  I think that’s one of the reasons why he is deemed too toxic to work with.

oscar pistorius, parole, reeva steenkamp
Oscar Pistorius has reportedly been turned down for a job at the International Paralympic Committee. Images via Instagram: @oscarpistorius

“Also, he thinks he can go back into the same kind of work alongside the paralympic organisation. I think that shows you that he’s still quite arrogant.

“To expect to make a call…and expect to go back into that work is completely deluded”.

Nixon added that Pistorius should prioritise “offence focused work” to help himself.

She added: “Is he still a risk to women in the future…probably”.


Ahead of his release in January, Reeva Steenkamp’s mother claimed that Oscar Pistorius was “not remorseful” for his actions.

Speaking Australia’s Insights actuality series titled “Seeking Justice” late last year, the mother of the murdered model claimed that Pistorius was still harbouring a “bad temper” and feared he might “hurt someone else.”

She said: “I feel that he is not rehabilitated. His problem is his temper. He might hurt someone else if he comes out”.

June added that Oscar had shown her no remorse either. On the day of Oscar’s 2023 parole hearing – which was denied – Reeva’s mom claims he “refused” to see her.”

She continued: “He would not come out of his cell. He was supposed to come to talk to me, but he refused”.

When asked what justice would mean to her, June replied: “A confession.”

She said: “It would help us. That would be justice. It would be… the best thing that could happen”.


Meanwhile, Oscar Pistorius’s brother, Carl Pistorius told The South African that Reeva Steenkamp’s death was a “tragic, honest mistake.”

He said: “He [Oscar] will spend his life serving a self-imposed sentence of guilt for a tragic but honest mistake because we, as a rainbow nation, have failed one another.