Mushonga tattooed Khanyi Mbau's name

Kudzai Mushonga tattooed Khanyi Mbau’s name. Image: Instagram@mbaureloaded

Love etched in ink: Mushonga tattooed Khanyi Mbau’s name on his chest

Love etched in ink – Khanyi Mbau’s boyfriend, Kudzai Mushonga, is topping trends after fans spotted his chest tattoo.

Mushonga tattooed Khanyi Mbau's name

Kudzai Mushonga tattooed Khanyi Mbau’s name. Image: Instagram@mbaureloaded

No doubt Kudzai Mushionga is madly in love with Khanyi Mbau and is not shy to show it. The two have been making headlines in the backdrop of Kudzai Mushonga’s birthday.

The controversial multi-millionaire turned 31, and Mbau pulled all the stops for picture-perfect birthday celebrations. Mbau and Mushonga checked in at a private Island and have been serving Mzansi with goals.

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Against their vacation, they have been topping trends. The two had an Instagram live, and their fans spotted Khanyi Mbau’s name fully tattoed on Kudzai Mushonga’s chest.

Undoubtedly, he has found a way to immortalise his affection by tattooing Khanyi Mbau’s name on his chest. However, little is known about when he had the tattoo. In 2021, Mbau hogged headlines when she revealed a tattoo of Mushonga on her thigh, dispelling any doubts about the strength of their bond.

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Screenshots taken during the chats have gained thousands of comments and reactions since they dropped on the internet. Mzansi was quick to flood social media with their two cents. Some said it was too early to have a tattoo, while some gave it a nod.

@Dat Sweet’Chic Lcee posted: “Ai too soon for a tattoo. At least wait 5 to 10 years of a relationship before getting a partner’s name tattoo.”

@Mafusi posted: “She played with us. We were busy bad-mouthing this guy because of how she left Dubai, now she has a tattoo of his name??”

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The two have been dating for almost two years now. Kudzai Mushonga and Khanyi Mbau went public in 2021. However, they have often hogged headlines for the wrong reasons, from nasty fallouts to reunions.

The two have called it quits not once but twice. Mushonga once filled a missing person report after he was dumped in the eleventh hour in Dubai by Khanyi Mbau. The bubbly reality TV star only confirmed her safety as she touched down in South Africa after going awol.

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