Soweto-born actor Mpho Sebeng

Soweto-born actor Mpho Sebeng. Image via X @NalaThokozane

Mpho Sebeng’s sister: ‘It was not supposed to be like this’ [VIDEO]

‘It was not supposed to be like this, and not now’: Mpho Sebeng’s sister, Lebo is heartbroken over his passing.

Soweto-born actor Mpho Sebeng

Soweto-born actor Mpho Sebeng. Image via X @NalaThokozane

Actor Mpho Sebeng’s sister, Lebogang “Lebo” bid farewell to him at his memorial service on Thursday, 9 May.

The talented actor died in a car accident in Potchefstroom, North West province in the early hours of Sunday, 5 May morning.


Mpho Sebeng’s little sister, Lebogang, let those gathered at his memorial at the Joburg theatre know her brother greatly loved her.

“This is hard; it was not supposed to be like this, and not now; it’s too early. I still need my brother, and I don’t know what I’m going to do without me. I tried to write something for him, I just weep,” she said.

Lebogang adds that her brother celebrated her wins like they were his. He encouraged her. He was the first man to buy her flowers and perfume.

“He made me stand on stages and walk red carpets. He opened the door for me everywhere we went. I was a queen. When I was cold, he would give me a jersey to wear. He was so overprotective.”


A heartbroken Rosemary Zimu vowed to take care of actor Mpho Sebeng’s family at his memorial service.

The actress also read actress Thuso Mbedu’s tribute, and in hers, she thanked Sebeng for loving her. 

“I also want to thank God for you and your family, and I pray that God protects them, shines his light through them, and heals their aching hearts. I will look after them. I thank God for your talent, love, and art we created. We got to show the love that we share for one another on screen.”

“We shot a scene where you left me, and you promised that you would never leave me like that. You promised that we would live until we’re 90 years old. We will jive and we will win Oscars together and we will travel the world with our art. But it’s OK, I’ll still do it for us,” she said.

Zimu and Sebeng played siblings Bonga and Zinhle in Netflix’s hit series, Savage Beauty.

The late actor is also known for his roles in Netflix’s The Brave Ones, and Miseducation. He also starred in Rhythm City, The QueenThe ThroneZ’bondiweScandal, Hush Money and many more.

Sunday Word reports that the actor will be laid to rest over the weekend. 


@sahatjotjo: “I wouldn’t be able to talk. Yoh brothers deserve to live long. Love and light to the family this is really sad yoh.”

@09c78caf8439481: “Parents should not bury their children.”

@Robot_Boii: “Crazy how I’ve dedicated Fridays to reminding people to ‘Keep the same Energy’. Here we are hurt but grateful for having lived in a time with someone whose energy never changed. Tomorrow, we lay you to rest. Thank you for everything bro.”

@phikelwa74: “He was such a sweet talented young man. May his soul rest in peace.”