AKA, kiernan forbes, moses tembe, anele tembe

Moses Tembe’s comments in an interview have triggered fans of AKA.
Images via Instagram:
@nelli_tembe/ @akaworldwide

‘Kiernan in the box’: Moses Tembe’s words court controversy [watch]

Another conspiracy theory? Fans of the late rapper AKA are scrutinising the words made by Anele Tembe’s father Moses in a new interview.

AKA, kiernan forbes, moses tembe, anele tembe

Moses Tembe’s comments in an interview have triggered fans of AKA.
Images via Instagram:
@nelli_tembe/ @akaworldwide

Fans of the late rapper AKA, real name Kiernan Forbes, are scrutinising the words of Moses Tembe, the father of his fiancee Anele Tembe.

The Durban businessman spoke for the first time about his daughter’s 2021 death in an interview with SABC News.

The Tembe patriarch has been the target of much social media speculation allegedly linking him to AKA’s murder last year. This, after the family previously hinted at “foul play” on the part of Forbes following Anele’s death.

While Anele’s death is being investigated via an ongoing inquest, seven men have been charged with the murder of the rapper.


Speaking to SABC’s Chriselda Lewis, Moses Tembe refuted allegations that Anele was suicidal or had jumped to her death off the 10th floor of Cape Town’s Pepperclub hotel on 11 April 2021.

At the time, Anele had accompanied the rapper to a weekend gig in the city. By AKA’s own admission in an interview after her death, the couple had had a heated argument moments before she fell.

Moses claimed that the family was led to believe by police that there would be a prosecution by the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) following Anele’s death.

He said: “It has always been critical for the family to have Kiernan on [in] the box, whether as a witness or as an accused. For closure, it required that the last person with our daughter be present”.

Moses Tembe also rubbished speculation he felt avenged by AKA’s own death.

He continued: “I loved Kiernan very much…The inquest and closure for the family will never be complete without Kiernan. If there is one family what wanted Kiernan alive, it’s our to see him [say] with his own mouth exactly what happened on that fateful day”.

On the X  app, many social media users were triggered by Moses Tembe’s mention of a box, given AKA’s murder last year.

@cozmino_: “There’s only one box he meant.”

@I_am_Bucie: “This man wanted AKA in a box and he ended up in a box.”

@Llekamania_: “That box stands for something else.”


While Moses Tembe has treaded lightly in his words about AKA in his interview, a scathing leaked letter from his family to the NPA suggested otherwise, reported IOL.

In it, the Tembe family challenged the NPA’s decision not to prosecute anyone, namely Kiernan Forbes.  It also alleged how the rapper allegedly threw Anele off the hotel balcony and subsequently covered up her murder.

The letter – issued by the family’s attorneys – also shared their beliefs about what happened during and after Anele’s fatal fall.

This included allegations that AKA:

  • Partied and drank AFTER Anele’s death with a group of friends
  • IGNORED Anele, who was still alive for 20 minutes after the fall
  • Cleaned up blood in the hotel room, possibly concealing an altercation.
  • Made a call to reception for assistance AFTER her fall