natasha joubert, miss sa

Natasha Joubert has opened up about feeling overwhelmed as Miss SA.
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‘Crying the whole day’: Miss SA Natasha Joubert on exhaustion

Miss SA Natasha Joubert has admitted to feeling overwhelmed and exhausted during her reign. Take a look at her honest post…

natasha joubert, miss sa

Natasha Joubert has opened up about feeling overwhelmed as Miss SA.
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It’s been a busy year for Miss SA Natasha Joubert, who has admitted to feeling overwhelmed and exhausted in an honest social media post.

Over the past few months, the beauty queen has been transparent about her mental health and seeking counselling and treatment.

Her current reign marks her second stint in the competition after placing in the Top 3 in 2020. During that time, she also represented South Africa at the Miss Universe pageant.


In an Instagram post, Natasha Joubert shared her struggle with keeping up appearances as Miss SA.

Posting a picture of herself after an emotional breakdown, the 26-year-old shared: “I took this picture with the intent of sharing it because surely other people also go through days of crying the entire day and can’t stop.

“There has been a few of these moments I kept in the archives. And this past two weeks, I’ve been feeling like I felt on this day.

Natasha claims the pic was taken just one month into her stint of being Miss SA. Although she is now eight months into her reign, she admitted she still had “days of feeling extremely overwhelmed.”

She continued: “Recently, I’ve been struggling feeling happy, full of purpose, and like I have energy. I’ve realised how important balance is; the small things that’s actually the big things—family, my dogs, friends, doing “nothing,” and sometimes just being in my feels.

natasha joubert, miss sa
Natasha Joubert has opened up her mental health struggle. Images via Instagram: @natasha_joubert

Admitting that she, like everyone, had her shortcomings, she added: “At times you can’t do it all. You can’t always be a power woman, full of energy, feel motivated, feel your most beautiful, and manage everyone’s expectations.

“I have tried to be on top of it, push my boundaries, serve where I can, always be present in what I do, and yet still struggle to feel fulfilled. And guess what? Still can’t make everyone happy!

“Exhaustion looks different for everyone.

Natasha said that she was committed to enjoying the last few months as Miss SA, “focusing on balance, firm boundaries, rest, finding joy again and appreciating my loved ones.”

Encouraging others, she added: “I hope you learn and grow through a season of trial and turbulence. It’s exactly that- a season. Work through it, learn from it, and grow past it”.


Natasha Joubert – who was crowned Miss SA in August 2023 – has been vocal about how her stint at the Miss Universe in 2021 left her feeling disappointed and depressed.

Natasha – runner-up to Shudu Musida – represented SA at the global pageant. However, she did not place in the Top 21.

The brunette beauty sought professional help through a psychologist and life coach, which she believes helped her get back on track.

In an interview with Morning Live, she said: “I had to mentally keep working on myself because I fell into deep depression.

“The result of Miss Universe left a sense of not being worth it, not being good enough. To not be placed as highly as Demi, Zozi, or Tamryn was really hard to comprehend.

“When you represent South Africa, you know, it’s you carrying the people of the country, and you obviously have to represent them well, and with that result, I just felt like I didn’t do it well.”