Leeroy and Mihlali

Leeroy and Mihlali in happier times. Image via Twitter @_LeratoMabuza

‘You owe me money’: Mihlali accuses Leeroy and his friend of swindling her

‘She deserves it’: X users were left absolutely shook after Mihlali Ndamase accused her ex and his friend of swindling her.

Leeroy and Mihlali

Leeroy and Mihlali in happier times. Image via Twitter @_LeratoMabuza

South African media personality and influencer Mihlali Ndamase left jaws dropped after revealing that she has broken up with her businessman boyfriend Leeroy Sidambe. Not only that, she also claimed that Leeroy and his friend Melusi still owe her money after she helped foot their bills during a Mexico trip.

Meanwhile, X users are having a field day with the news as they discuss the fact that Mihlali was actually the one funding the relationship which many believed she was only in for the money.

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Mihlali says she was swindled

Mihlali Ndamase and her businessman boyfriend Leeroy Sidambe have seemingly called it quits after almost two years of dating.

The pair’s romance shocked South Africa as Leeroy was still married to his wife Mary Jane Sidambe when it began.

Fans react as Mihlali Ndamase's boyfriend spotted kissing another woman
Fans react as Mihlali Ndamase reveals she split from Leeroy Sidambe. Image by mihlalii_n’s profile picture mihlalii_n/Instagram

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And now they have split and things are becoming even messier after Mihlali accused Leeroy of owing her money.

Taking to Instagram on Thursday evening, Mihlali posted on her Stories that he and his friends couldn’t pay their bills during a Mexico trip and so she paid it for them.

“Don’t post in Dubai like your bosses, when you owe me money bandla. Talking about catching flights and not feelings. Who was coughing out money in Mexico when your card was busy declining? Lol don’t try me,” she wrote.

Take a look below:

Post deleted, buzzing ensues

While Mihlali quickly deleted the posts, her followers were quick to take screenshots. Many of them are now discussing their shock at learning that Mihlali was actually paying the way in the relationship.

“Financially supporting a sugar daddy is more of an L for her than it is for him,” one person wrote while another said:

“She deserves this L. The whole south africa was against that relationship from the go but she was adamant. Homewrecker”

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