Musa Mseleku and son Mpumelelo

Musa Mseleku and son Mpumelelo. Image via Twitter

‘No turning back’: MaYeni and Mseleku reprimand Mpumelelo over ‘virgin’ comments

Reality TV star Mpumelelo Mseleku’s parents, Musa and MaYeni Mseleku, are not happy with his outlook on polygamy.

Musa Mseleku and son Mpumelelo

Musa Mseleku and son Mpumelelo. Image via Twitter

Musa Mseleku and his second wife, Nokukhanya “Mayeni” Mseleku, have condemned their son Mpumelelo Mseleku’s beliefs on polygamy.

This came after the footballer and musician told his parents on the third episode of Uthando Nesthembu season seven that he wants his first wife to he a virgin.

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The 22-year-old currently has two children with his first girlfriend, Vuyokazi Nciweni, and shares one child with his second girlfriend, Tirelo Kale. As an aspiring polygamist, Mpumelelo told his parents that he want to marry his partners, however, he wants his first wife to be a virgin.

“You can’t impregnate other girls, then say you want to marry another woman before them. He impregnated them while they were also virgins, now he wants to go to another place.

“Mpumelelo’s crazy, like he’s telling us a fairytale, but I see he is clever like his dad. It seems he’s playing with thes girls, and we won’t allow that. He chose the two women with his children and must marry them. Khethile khethile, no turning back,” MaYeni said.

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Mseleku echoed his wife’s words, further telling Mpumelelo that they will not allow him to marry a woman they do not know.

“You can marry all of them, but if you’re saying you’ll marry a woman we don’t know first, we’ll have a problem.

“He must pay ilobolo to the three of them. Mpumelelo thinks he knows everything, but he’s still young,” he said.

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During his interview on The Venting Podcast last year, Mpumelelo said that his father has never forced him to follow in his footsteps.

“I love women. I would be lying if I said my father convinced me into being a polygamist. If I was doing it for my father, I would not be able to continue doing it. I am still going to continue. I won’t say how many women I plan to have, but they are more than my father has.”

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Last year, Mpumelelo made headlines when singer Queen Lolly revealed that she was his “side chick”. The maskandi singer claimed that she and the former Moroka Swallows player recorded a sex tape and threatened to leak it. However, Mseleku unleashed his lawyers on her.