Masked Singer

Nthati Moshesh was revealed as Springbok on ‘Masked Singer South Africa’. Image: Supplied

‘Masked Singer SA’: Exclusive Q&A with Nthati Moshesh

Actress Nthati Moshesh opened about her short and sweet time on the set of ‘Masked Singer’ after she was unmasked as ‘Springbok’.

Masked Singer

Nthati Moshesh was revealed as Springbok on ‘Masked Singer South Africa’. Image: Supplied

Iconic actress Nthati Moshesh was the first celebrity to be unmasked on season two of Masked Singer South Africa, which aired on S3 (formerly known as SABC3) on Saturday, 6 April.


The first episode of the second season of hit reality series Masked Singer South Africa aired on Saturday, 6 April on S3, formerly known as SABC3 – DStv channel 193. Wildebeest and Springbok locked horns on the first episode of the series, before Butterfly and Rainbow vied for the votes of the detective panel and studio audience.

South African media personality Mpho Pops reprised his role as the host for the second season of Masked Singer South Africa. The detectives are J’Something, Somizi Mhlongo, Sithelo Shozi and Skhumba Hlophe. Springbok was the first celebrity to be revealed on the show as actress Nthati Moshesh. All of the detectives had no idea who Springbok was.

“Initially, Somizi focused on Springbok’s over-the-top make-up, J’Something gauged that her beautiful necklace indicated that she loved fine jewellery, and Sithelo figured that they were dealing with a ‘girl’s girl’. However, Springbok’s competitiveness signalled to Skhumba that she’s a “Springbok for real”, in other words, an accomplished sports star,” according to Primedia.

J’Something admitted that he had no idea who Springbok was and later guessed media personality Minnie Dlamini. Sithelo was convinced that Springbok was a dancer and guessed Lorna Maseko or Lorcia Cooper. Somizi guessed Lorcia Cooper as well, while Skhumba guessed sports presenter Motshidisi Mohono.

Butterfly, Rainbow and Wildebeest are all still in the running to becoming the season two Masked Singer South Africa winner.


What was it like being on the set of Masked Singer South Africa season two?

I loved every minute, every second of being on Masked Singer South Africa. It’s a feeling very similar to being on stage before opening night. The butterflies in your tummy. The thrill of being on stage in front of a live audience. Nothing beats that feeling of anticipation.

Which detective do you think came the closest to uncovering your identity?

None of the detectives came remotely close. Maybe Somizi, who named Lorcia Cooper as we are both actors. But they were all so far off the mark it was hilarious!

Did you find it difficult keeping your involvement on the show a secret before the episode aired? 

It was the easiest thing keeping it under wraps. I just had to avoid talking about anything remotely close. But I loved the feeling of “I might get caught out” just like in a thriller – a whodunnit of sorts. It was like a big game for me and Ms Moshesh LOVES playing!