Makhadzi is ditching her gigs again. Image via Instagram @makhadzisa

Makhadzi is ditching her gigs again. Image via Instagram @makhadzisa

Makhadzi accused of bailing on three gigs in Mpumalanga

Makhadzi is in another money drama after allegedly not showing up for three fully-paid gigs in Mpumalanga.

Makhadzi is ditching her gigs again. Image via Instagram @makhadzisa

Makhadzi is ditching her gigs again. Image via Instagram @makhadzisa

Makhadzi, the award-winning artist, is caught up yet again in a financial mess after allegedly skipping out on three gigs in Mpumalanga. Event organisers are now trying to get their money back for the gigs that had venues buzzing but no Makhadzi in sight.

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Makhadzi had gigs lined up at three hotspots—Ekus Cafe, Mdhluli Outlets in Nelspruit, and Quiet Vibes in Bushbuckridge—all across Mpumalanga. However, she threw a curveball by not showing up for two gigs on December 24th and another on the 27th, stirring up quite the controversy.

Event Organiser Mfundo “Thonsi” Mathonsi, expressing some regret over trusting Makhadzi and her team, spilled the beans on the efforts they made to meet the artist’s demands. This included coughing up R50,000 for two gigs and an extra R35,000 for the third, along with booking eight rooms.

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Even though, according to ZiMoja, there is proof of money changing hands with slips showing payments to Makhadzi Entertainment, her post-Open Mic venture, the organisers claim both Makhadzi and her manager, Maphuthi Perez, have gone radio silent. Calls to Makhadzi have hit a wall, and her manager has allegedly hit the block button.

ZiMoja obtained WhatsApp chats between Maphuthi and Thonsi where they were promised a refund. While they did get a partial payment of R50,000 through Makhadzi’s manager, the full amount is still hanging in the air. Organisers are hoping to sort this out without diving into a legal mess, concerned about how it might affect their ties with other artists.

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This isn’t the first rodeo for Makhadzi when it comes to gig controversies. Just two years ago in 2022, she narrowly dodged legal trouble in Botswana after bailing on a gig that was prepaid.

Despite numerous attempts by ZiMoja to get Makhadzi’s side of the story, calls and texts seem to have fallen on deaf ears, with her manager playing hard to get too. The unfolding drama not only puts Makhadzi’s rep on the line but also presents a challenge for organisers trying to sort things out without turning it into a public legal showdown.

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