Actress Makgotso M.

Actress Makgotso M. Image via Twitter @phil_mphela

Makgotso M: ‘Securing gigs was difficult after Is’thunzi’

‘After I shot Is’thunzi, securing an acting gig was quite difficult,’ says South African actress Makgotso M.

Actress Makgotso M.

Actress Makgotso M. Image via Twitter @phil_mphela

Former Is’thunzi actress, Makgotso M opens up about the entertainment industry and her latest role in The Drop.


The actress Makgotso M, real name Makgotso Monyemorathoe who played Tishiwe in Is’thunzi tells Sowetan that she couldn’t secure roles after the show.

“After I shot Is’thunzi, securing an acting gig was quite difficult. I thought I’d have productions companies keen on working with me but that was not the case.”

“I felt so broken down by the industry that I moved to England. This wasn’t because of the fans but more of the fact that I wasn’t booking any roles. 

She adds that she had high expectations after the show and later went to America and met her agent who built her confidence and self-esteem up again.


The Woman King actress Makgotso M has secured a movie role of a trauma counsellor, Trisca in The Drop.

Monyemorathoe says Trisca was a lot of fun, normally she plays characters that are quite dark and unlikeable but that’s not the case this time.

She says she’s not quite sure if that means that she’s quirky as it was truly refreshing. She can’t wait for people to gravitate towards her.

The Drop focuses on two close friends, Tom and Vongani, who share an apartment with Loretta in Maboneng, Johannesburg.

In the film, a heist takes place in the street not far from their apartment which results in their kidnapping. Things quickly go wrong during the ordeal leading to the gunman dying by his own gun. 

Their lives get turned upside down when they discover a backpack containing money and a memory stick that every kingpin in town wanted. 

The publication adds that Makgotso has also secured a character of Nomalizo in Showmax’s comedy-drama One Week.

TshisaLIVE reported in 2021 that the actress took to social media open up about the challenges she’s faced when auditioning. She also reveals that she’s been told she’s not African or South African enough to bring certain characters to life.

“I am an African. A South African Zulu and Pedi woman to be precise, with British citizenship too because I was raised in England from a very young age. I speak Zulu more fluently than Pedi.”