MacG opened up about his lobola negotiations. Image via Twitter @podcastwthmacg

‘It was hectic’ MacG shares how his lobola negotiations went

‘Dude we sat there for 4 hours deep and it went down,’ says popular podcaster MacG about how paying lobola for Naledi went.


MacG opened up about his lobola negotiations. Image via Twitter @podcastwthmacg

South Africans podcaster MacG — real name McGuyver Mukhwevho — recently paid lobola for his long term girlfriend Naledi Monamodi. Photos of the couple at the celebrations have gone viral online as fans discuss their new marriage. And how they think things will go for the couple.

And now MacG has opened up about the lobola negotiations and how everything went for him and his bride — and judging by his story it wasn’t the smoothest thing ever.

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MacG opens up about his lobola negotiations

On Saturday 29 July, famous South African podcaster MacG celebrated reaching 1 million subscribers with a huge event at the Sunbet Arena.

The Podcast and Chill host also took the opportunity to propose to his longterm girlfriend Naledi Monamodi in front of the big crowd.

Naledi Monamodi and Macg.
Naledi Monamodi and Macg. Image via Twitter @ Gigi Kazanga @Tella_babe1 ·

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At the time, he was accused of manipulating her into saying yes by using the crowd.

Despite this, over the weekend, the pair had their traditional wedding after MacG paid lobola for her. He later shared how everything went.

“Hey, man i paid lobola yesterday, hence i missed Kendrick Lamar, yeah but uhh we were told by her family to arrive at 5 am so my whole family from Venda came through and we left my place 3 am and got her family house at 5, dude we sat there for 4 hours deep and it went down.

“So you know the two family will be fighting whilst the two of us are just pawns and this is about us so yeah, it was hectic,” he said.

Take a look below:

SA shares many congratulatory messages

In the comments section, many of his fans wished him and Naledi well:

“Congratulations to the beautiful couple, wishing them a happy life together.” one person said while another wrote:

“Hebanna… Lobolad Naledi Vele.Well done to MacG”

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