Angel Ndlela

‘RHOD’ cast member Angel Ndlela. Image via Instagram @angel_ndlela

‘You LIED… sies’: ‘RHOD’ viewers not happy with Angel Ndlela

#RHODurban viewers don’t want businessman and singer Angel Ndlela to return for the fifth season of the Showmax reality series.

Angel Ndlela

‘RHOD’ cast member Angel Ndlela. Image via Instagram @angel_ndlela

Viewers of Showmax’s much-loved reality TV series, The Real Housewives of Durban (RHOD), are calling out new addition Angel Ndlela for her storyline.

After six eposides, fans on X have said they’ve had enough and they do not want the businesswoman to return for season five.


Angel introduced herself on RHOD as a construction magnet, which left the show’s star Nonku Williams (who is also in the construction industry) confused, as she said it appeared as though the Instagram influencer did not know what she was talking about.

The 29-year-old also introduced herself as fashion designer and shared that she works with her father in the taxi industry. That, too, was questioned. Her fellow cast member, Zama Ngcobo reportedly told the other RHOD ladies that Angel is lying about “owning” those businesses.


In the second episode, Angel also shared her fertility issue story, revealing that she discovered lumps in her breast in 2018 and was diagnosed with fibroproliferative breast disease.

“So I got onto a contraceptive, and everybody knows (inevetibly) a contraceptive will affect your fertility. From that I got blood clots, I would get my period for months on end,” she explained in the show.

However, it was revealed in episode five that she had not been diagnosed with fertility issues by a gynaecologist, she had “diagnosed” herself.

Speaking to SowetanLIVE about her journey, Angel said that she wanted to share her journey with the viewers of RHOD because she knows that there are other women in the situation she was in.

“You cannot tell me that there is no woman that has had no problems with their health in some way. Whether it’s their hormones, fertility or femininity … so I knew it would resonate with a lot of women, especially young women,” she shared.


Viewers are also questioning Angel’s romantic relationship with her partner, Swelihle Shezi. The RHOD audience only got to see him in the first episode, as he is a “very busy” man, according to Angel.

When she introduced him, she shared that they were planning to get married and they had been building a house together. She also went home, in Howick, to tell her mother and aunt that she and Swelihle were taking their love to the next level.

However, in recent episodes, Angel has been bemoaning the fact that her partner is too busy to make time for them. She also told her mother in the latest episode that’s he no longer want to continue with the lobolo process that she had told her and her aunt about.