Khuli Chana's journey started with rejection. Image via Instagram @khulichana01

Khuli Chana’s journey started with rejection. Image via Instagram @khulichana01

Khuli Chana’s success story was ‘inspired by rejection’

Khuli Chana says that he got to where he is now because he didn’t succumb to rejection from the music industry.

Khuli Chana's journey started with rejection. Image via Instagram @khulichana01

Khuli Chana’s journey started with rejection. Image via Instagram @khulichana01

Rapper Khuli Chana, real name Khulane Morule, recently opened up on how his journey into entrepreneurship wasn’t exactly planned but stemmed from facing rejection in the music industry.


The Citizen records him saying, “My entrepreneurship journey started by default, it was inspired by rejection. After getting the thumbs down from major labels like Sony and EMI, I went independent and released Motswakoriginator.”

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“I did that [Motswakoriginator] independently, I had to jump. I didn’t really have much of a plan. I’m not a born entrepreneur; it’s just something I had to do. I figured I needed to be heard, I have an amazing product, I only had to start-so just start,” averred Khuli, whose real name is Khulane Morule.

He spoke on his debut album released in 2011, Motswakoriginator, during an event by the Township Entrepreneurs Alliance (TEA) in Mahikeng, partnering with Nedbank. The alliance, led by entrepreneur Bulelani Balabala, is all about empowering businesses in townships.

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He also spoke on the growth of the Khuli Chana Foundation and Khuli Chana Studios.

“I look back at where we started and how big we’ve become. The Khuli Chana foundation, the studio-that was inspired by Maftwon Heights. Maftwon Heights, after the success of Motswakoriginator, my first album, I wanted to create something that could be bigger than myself,” he said.

“The studio is a playground for creatives, from TV production, podcasting, music production, live-streaming, band rehearsals space by sounds of GP. It is a well of opportunities for all creatives,” he said in an interview with GQ at the time of launching.

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He also remembered his roots and the influence of artist HHP, Khuli expressed gratitude for key moments in his journey. He recounted a game-changing collaboration on Castle Loud, where HHP insisted on performing with Khuli’s group, Morafe.

According to him, “That was the very moment that changed everything for us because the whole nation got to see us for the first time. I know exactly what that moment does for an entrepreneur or a musician.”

Despite the ups and downs, Khuli Chana’s journey includes graduating with an Honours degree in Innovation and Entrepreneurship from AFDA in 2022. Married to DJ Lamiez Holworthy, Khuli Chana continues to make waves not just in music but also as a thriving entrepreneur and advocate for creative empowerment.

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