Jessica Nkosi Springboks prayer

Jessica Nkosi. image via Instagram @sibumabena

Jessica Nkosi: The prayer warrior behind the Springboks [watch]

South African actress Jessica Nkosi and Hle were dubbed the Springboks prayer warriors after their prayer video went viral on social media.

Jessica Nkosi Springboks prayer

Jessica Nkosi. image via Instagram @sibumabena

Jesica Nkosi was dubbed the prayer warrior behind the Springboks after her prayer went viral.

Jessica Nkosi had been silent throughout the World Cup, but she seemed to be behind the team in spirit.

Unlike many celebs who had been sharing daily trying to get attention, Jessica was different.

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She did exactly what she wanted: the Springboks to defend the title, and she knew she had to pray.

Even if she looked like she was not serious, it seemed those with her knew how much that went.

She took it to God for him to help the Springboks, especially in the final alongside Hle, and they prayed.

It looked as if they were joking, but those who knew them much knew how much it helped.

Jessica Nkosi Springboks prayer
Jessica Nkosi. image via Instagram @jessicankosi


Indeed, when it comes to prayer, most Springboks players believe in it and have been calling for prayers.

Siya Kolisi and Cheslin Kolbe had been all clear that their success was all from Jesus.

Siya Kolisi shared on his Instagram, saying it was only God who made it possible both in 2019 and 2023.

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“2019 —> 2023 Same God 🙏🏾”

Other than Siya and Cheslin, many Wags like Rachel Kolisi and Layla Kolbe had been praying too.

All this makes it clear that many fans and players were all praying for the Springboks.

This also makes Jessica Nkosi one of the many prayer warriors behind the Springboks if she was not joking.


Many prayer warriors praised God with Siya Kolisi, Jessica Nkosi and Cheslin Kolbe.

When Siya Kolisi shared on his Instagram, it was a post praising God.

“Yesterday I was telling everyone that the God of Siya Kolisi is about to show himself off. And he did 🙌”

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“It is heartwarming to see a child of God in a position of power, influence and authority lifting the Name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, so proudly. May He (God) who called you for His purpose and set you apart for His Glory continue to bless you, your family and all those around you in Jesus Name . Well Done to the entire Boks Team 👏👏”

“Thank you for leading the team so well! We see God in you 🙌😍”

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“1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 “Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.” 🇿🇦🔥🏆”

“May God continue to bless you. Thank you for your leadership and giving our country such a beautiful gift of hope”