Former U-19 cricket captain David Teeger.

Former U-19 cricket captain David Teeger. Images via Twitter @AfricaFactsZone

Why ICC won’t intervene in CSA’s demotion of David Teeger

The International Cricket Council (ICC) reveals why it won’t get involved in CSA’s decision to strip David Teeger of his captaincy.

Former U-19 cricket captain David Teeger.

Former U-19 cricket captain David Teeger. Images via Twitter @AfricaFactsZone

The ICC won’t get involved in CSA’s (Cricket South Africa) decision to remove David Teeger of his U-19 captaincy.

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The International Cricket Council (ICC) told The Guardian on Tuesday, 16 January that it will not get involved in the decision by Cricket South Africa to remove David Teeger as captain of their under-19 team.

An ICC spokesperson told the publication that team selection including captaincy is an issue for members and not the ICC. An international federation is not constituted to intervene in team selections.

This comes after CSA met the South African Jewish community, on Tuesday morning in an attempt to defuse the row over Teeger’s demotion.

The SAJBD’s national vice-president, Zev Krengel said after the meeting: “The last point I tried to make [at the meeting] is, can we agree that this is a sad day for Cricket South Africa, that the only way they felt they could run the tournament is to strip a Jew of his captaincy?”

“None of them could agree. I feel it’s a sad day for CSA, a sad day for South Africa, and if the ICC does nothing about it it will be a black mark on the ICC’s name.”

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Insiders from CSA revealed to Daily Maverick on Sunday, 14 January that David Teeger was removed as South Africa’s under-19 captain of the Cricket World Cup, starting in Potchefstroom on 15 January, due to political pressure, not because of the alleged “security concerns”.

The Guardian also reveals that the teen cricketer was first asked to step down voluntarily before eventually being removed from the captaincy.

CSA also issued a statement on Friday, 12 January: “We have also been advised that they [protests] are likely to focus on the position of the SA under-19 captain, David Teeger, and that there is a risk that they could result in conflict or even violence, including between rival groups of protestors.”

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