Bozza is about to drop a new solo album. Image via Instagram @bozzathechamp / @skwattakampofficial

Bozza is about to drop a new solo album. Image via Instagram @bozzathechamp / @skwattakampofficial

“I will always be a part of Skwatta Kamp”: Bozza dispels rumours

Bozza, formerly part of Skwatta Kamp, dismisses breakup rumours with claims that they were never separated.

Bozza is about to drop a new solo album. Image via Instagram @bozzathechamp / @skwattakampofficial

Bozza is about to drop a new solo album. Image via Instagram @bozzathechamp / @skwattakampofficial

Bozza, also known as Nkosana Nkosi, is gearing up to drop a fresh solo project, after the rumoured breakup with Skwatta Kamp, the music group he’d been with for over 27 years. According to ZiMoja, the upcoming album is all about blending different vibes – think Afrobeats, RnB, jazz, and Amapiano – a real urban fusion.

Teaming up with talents like Mami, Cheryl Zondi, Relo from Skwatta Kamp, and Kid X, Bozza’s feeling optimistic about this album without even having a name for it yet. He’s keeping it real, emphasising that Skwatta Kamp hasn’t broken up; they’re just not consistently dropping tracks. In fact, they recently reunited for their final album called SVN in 2023.

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“The group was never dismantled,” he explained to ZiMoja. “I don’t know why those rumours came out. We have just never been consistent in releasing music together.”

Bozza spills the beans on the tight-knit bond within Skwatta Kamp, stating that they’re more like family than just a music group. Even though adulthood has brought in families and responsibilities, they still find time to hang out, gig, and share life experiences.

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“I will always be a part of Skwatta Kamp. I don’t know what would make me leave. We still hang out together, gig and work together. I had a chat with the guys about my moves and they are more than happy for me and excited. They prayed and wished me well and looked forward to supporting my every move.”

“It will always work out with us because, before the business of music, there’s a brotherhood and sisterhood with Relo,” he added. 

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Despite the hardships, Bozza’s resilience shines through. He claims to have undergone “an intense spiritual journey”, which has helped him develop a more positive outlook on life. 

“I am a spiritual person now”, he says. “My soul has been through some downs that have changed me. But now more than ever, I am more of a positive person and I am wiser.”

This is why, in a world where trends and clout hold the most allure, Bozza stays true to his calling, driven by a genuine hunger for success. In his words, “I love that I didn’t prioritise trends or chase clout but focused on my calling in the industry. This is what I came to do.”

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