DJ Wobbly claims Kgolo 'Da Guru' Mthembu owes him money. Image via Instagram @kgolodaguru_exp / @wobbly_rsa

DJ Wobbly claims Kgolo ‘Da Guru’ Mthembu owes him money. Image via Instagram @kgolodaguru_exp / @wobbly_rsa

‘Give me all my money’: DJ Wobbly accuses Annie Mthembu’s husband of owing him

DJ Wobbly accuses reality TV star’s husband, Kgolo ‘Da Guru’ Mthembu, of owing him money after 10 years working together.

DJ Wobbly claims Kgolo 'Da Guru' Mthembu owes him money. Image via Instagram @kgolodaguru_exp / @wobbly_rsa

DJ Wobbly claims Kgolo ‘Da Guru’ Mthembu owes him money. Image via Instagram @kgolodaguru_exp / @wobbly_rsa

Renowned Durban DJ Wobbly, whose real name is Andile Mahlinza, has recently spoken out against Kgolo ‘Da Guru’ Mthembu, the businessman and club owner known as the husband of Real Housewives Of Durban star Annie Mthembu. Wobbly accuses Kgolo of failing to settle outstanding payments for multiple bookings at his nightclub establishments.

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In his chat with ZiMoja, Wobbly shared the emotional toll of the situation and plainly expressed his disappointment in the lack of communication regarding overdue payments. 

“I have pulled up for you, getting loans from my friends just to get to your establishments and work, getting loans to survive from August, and now I’m back home staying with my mom again as a 32-year-old father,” he said. “It hurts me to do this, but I’ve tried and tried to get answers about my payments for Rich and Views till today. I haven’t received any communication from you because no one else has answers.”

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Despite a decade-long professional relationship, Wobbly claims to have received no response from Kgolo, leaving him in a precarious financial position and relying on loans to sustain his career.

“10 years working together and no decency to call me? This has messed up my emotional and mental state clearly, I don’t mean jack to you for you to not pay me in so long. I don’t sleep at night, and I’m tired of this. Tell your management to call me with answers and how I will be sorted out. Maybe this is the only way I can get you to understand how much pain this situation has caused me and my family. I can’t start this year feeling worthless.”

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Wobbly also took a bold stance by threatening to name others involved in non-payment, emphasising the personal sacrifices he has made for loyalty. He detailed the hardships he faced since August, including eviction and the inability to provide for his daughter due to withheld earnings.


The DJ’s frustration peaked as he called for transparency and resolution, stating, ‘Ngicela yonke imali yam sihlukane! (Give me all my money, and let’s part ways).’ Despite reaching out to Kgolo’s management for answers, Wobbly asserts that he has been met with silence, prompting him to share his ordeal publicly.

As these allegations are brought to light, all eyes are on Kgolo ‘Da Guru’ Mthembu, who has yet to provide a statement on the matter.

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