Fenty Beauty unfollows Ndamase

Mihlali Ndamase with Rihanna. Images: X @MDN Newss @mihlali_n

‘Pride comes before fall’: Fenty Beauty unfollows Mihlali Ndamase after social media backlash

Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty unfollowed Mihlali Ndamase on Instagram after the YouTuber tried to outshine the Barbados-born singer.

Fenty Beauty unfollows Ndamase

Mihlali Ndamase with Rihanna. Images: X @MDN Newss @mihlali_n

Mihlali Ndamase is trending after her rumoured fallout with Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty.

A few weeks ago, the fashion influencer made headlines after being spotted with the Barbados-born singer in Los Angeles, California.


Mihlali Ndamase and Rihanna rubbed shoulders at the launch of Fenty Beauty’s Soft Glow foundation. The two shared some lighter moments, and some of their photos went viral.

In one of the viral photos, the two were all smiles. However, fans of the celebrated billionaire accused the South African YouTuber of overediting her photos with Rihanna.

However, Mihlali Ndamase’s association with Rihanna and her brand was short-lived. Fenty Beauty unfollowed Mihlali Ndamase on Instagram, against her cryptic response to her photos with the star.

Her followers gave her a nod for outshining Rihanna at her event. Ndamase went on to like all the comments that suggested that she looked better than Rihanna. However, against the incident, the YouTuber was unfollowed seemingly because she liked nasty messages about Rihanna on her timeline.

Popular X user Aphelele Jody’s post sparked a heated debate when she noted that Fenty Beauty had unfollowed the Mihlali Ndamase. Taking to X, formerly Twitter, Aphelele posted, “Are you aware that Fenty unfollowed Mihlali on Instagram?”

Against her post, fans quickly implicated Nohle Thema in the mix. The celebrated media personality once revealed that she lost it all because of her ego. In one of her interviews, she admitted that she had lost over R10 million.

An X user said, “Mihlali will become the next Nonhle Thema.” Another user posted, “There was no need for all this and her liking useless comments.” However, some fans made it known she was clout-chasing.


Fenty Beauty is the fifth-best beauty brand in the world in 2024. There are several cosmetic lines within Fenty Beauty, which include Fenty Skin and Savage X Fenty.

Fenty Beauty is one of the most sought-after products in Africa. In 2021, it was among Africa’s favourite beauty brands. According to the cosmetics education site Tajmeeli.com, Fenty Beauty products are popular in African countries like Kenya and Nigeria.

Fenty Beauty’s success in Africa has undoubtedly seen Rihanna tag along with some of Africa’s biggest influencers and celebrities on board. She has worked with several influencers, including Thuso Mbedu. In 2021, she invited award-winning actress Thuso Mbedu as part of her Savage x Fenty Vol 3.