Emtee involved in a car accident

Award-winning rapper Emtee. Image from Instagram@emteethehustla

Emtee cries racism after restaurant kicks him out over weed smell

Emtee has accused the management of Mike’s Kitchen in Parktown of being racist after he was kicked out for reeking of weed.

Emtee involved in a car accident

Award-winning rapper Emtee. Image from Instagram@emteethehustla

South African musician Emtee — real name Mthembeni Ndevu — was once one of South Africa’s most popular artists. He could do no wrong when it came to making music but, unfortunately, didn’t have the same control over his personal life.

After only a few years in the spotlight, he was making headlines for substance abuse, gender-based violence, and simply behaving out of character.

While he has taken steps to return to his former glory, he has once again left social media users shaking their heads.

This after sharing how he and a group of friends were turned away from local restaurant Mike’s Kitchen because they reeked of weed.

Emtee blames racism after restaurant kicks him out for smelling like weed

When Emtee first hit the South African music scene, he made waves. Artists all over the country wanted to work with him.

While he is still as talented as ever, his reputation has been marred by the copious negative headlines that have followed him like a dark shadow over the years.

This year, he announced that he had hired a new manager — a decision welcomed by many of his fans who hoped this marked new growth for the star.

Emtee Mike's Kitchen
Photo of Emtee in the studio. Image via Instagram @emteethehustla

Unfortunately, this week he left those same fans disappointed after taking to social media to complain about being kicked out of a restaurant because he smelled like weed.

In a now-viral video, the rapper who appears to be under the influence, explains how he and his friends were told to vacate Mike’s Kitchen in Parktown by the “white” manager.

According to him, he had been visiting the establishment since he was a child. He also made it clear that he believes the incident was racist.

Take a look below:

Mzansi weighs in

Many in the comments section didn’t believe that there was any racism present in the situation.

According to many of them, the rapper should enjoy his weed in the comfort of his own home and not in public places where it may disturb others.

“Good, Emtee needs to grow up & stop behaving like a boy. Weed smoking is for teenagers, Any grown adult smoking weed is a lost cause,” one person said while another wrote:

“Look at him trying to rally us into some nonsense. We’re busy monna nxla.”

“What has happened to Emtee’s career? dude hasn’t lived up to his potentials. He was my favorite at a point in time,” a third added.