embarrassing Somizi Mbongeni Ngema chats

Mbongeni Ngema’s aleged chats with Somizi. Image via Instagram @somizi

‘Embarrassing’: Somizi underfire for deleting ‘fake’ Mbongeni Ngema chats

He angered Mzansi – Somizi left fans calling him embarrassing even after he deleted the alleged fake Mbongeni Ngema chat.

embarrassing Somizi Mbongeni Ngema chats

Mbongeni Ngema’s aleged chats with Somizi. Image via Instagram @somizi

Somizi Mhlongo was under fire after deleting embarrassing fake WhatsApp chats with the late Mbongeni Ngema.

South Africa saw another dark day passing with the death of one of its entertainment legends.

Many top celebs, including veterans like Connie Chiume, have since paid their tribute to Ngema.

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Somizi Mhlongo also wanted to do this, giving farewell to the Sarafina legend.

In doing so, he shared a message he referred to as a thank you message from Ngema.

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Unfortunately, fans spotted that the message was an outgoing message from Somizi’s phone, not an incoming message.

After noting that, Somizi deleted it, making many fans believe that his claim was a lie.

He later posted another video, but fans ignored it, calling him embarrassing in the comments.

embarrassing Somizi Mbongeni Ngema chats
Somizi’s claimed chats with Mbongeni Ngema. Image via Instagram @somizi


The WhatsApp Chat that Somizi shared portrayed that Mhlongo was Ngema’s favourite among all his kids.

“Good evening Mhlongo. I want to take this opportunity to thank you for what you did for me when I was at my lowest ebb,” he said.

“Without any provocation or asking for help you extended your hand towards me” he continued.

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“You are the only one of all the hundreds of my children who stepped forward for me. This has gone to the deepest and innermost of my being” he poured his heart.

Ngiyabonga Mhlongo. You have proved beyond any reasonable doubt that l today stand in the shoes of Ndaba” he continued.

“Good night, Mbongeni Ngema” he finished.


After Somizi deleted the alleged embarrassing fake chats with the late Mbongeni Ngema, fas came after him in his next post.

witness-Mk “😂😂 you folded? We glad thou coz that was Embarrassing… Why text your selft kodwa .. what was the main reason? Mmh I’m asking you wena Celebrity death ambassador!”

The DEA & The CIA “Where’s that Mbongeni post 😢😭😭😭😭😭”

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SANDY B 🇿🇦 “Aw isishonephi manje le post about ubab uNgema mfwethu. Ububhale kahle kabi but khona. Ungabanaki abantu nokyphapha ngobs mhlambe inumber yakho kaWhatsapp kwakwe ekaMadllokovu, mmh then wacela wena umbhalele from your phone. Othi ngyabuya ngsacabanga enye indlela yokukuvikela. Ima kancane”

Dimakatso “Why lie unprovoked? Katla ka swaba on your behalf 😢”

Ntobs “You need help, no person in their right mind can do what you did. A 60 year old man seeking attention ngalendlela, yooo maybe bekumele kuhambe wena kusale uNgema.”