dricus du plessis, president ramaphosa, the kiffness

The Kiffness has questioned why President Ramaphosa has yet to congratulate Dricus du Plessis.
Images via X: @thekiffness/ @dricusduplessis

‘I wonder why’: The Kiffness drills Ramaphosa over Dricus ‘snub’

The Kiffness has called out President Ramaphosa for ‘snubbing’ Dricus du Plessis’s UFC win after he publicly criticised the SA government.

dricus du plessis, president ramaphosa, the kiffness

The Kiffness has questioned why President Ramaphosa has yet to congratulate Dricus du Plessis.
Images via X: @thekiffness/ @dricusduplessis

Like many other South Africans, The Kiffness has questioned why President Cyril Ramaphosa is giving Dricus du Plessis the cold shoulder after the latter accused him of being corrupt and greedy.

This after Ramaphosa congratulated a number of South Africans making headlines, including the Bafana Bafana Afcon squad, Grammy-host Trevor Noah and Tyla, who won her first music award.

Unlike those mentioned above, SA’s first UFC champion did not receive any social media pleasantries from the president. And according to The Kiffness, it has much to do with the fighter’s critical comments.

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For the second time in a few days, President Ramaphosa congratulated Bafana Bafana on their performance at the Africa Cup of Nations (Afcon). The SA soccer team has advanced to the semi-finals of the tournament, for the first time since 2000.

Ramaphosa has also congratulated singer Tyla, who won her first Grammy award on Sunday.

However, The Kiffness questioned why the president left the UFC champion off his list of honour roll.

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Tagging Ramaphosa, the Cape Town muso tweeted: “Pres @CyrilRamaphosa has recently congratulated many South Africans for their achievements on the world stage:

“He has yet to praise Dricus du Plessis for becoming the UFC middleweight champion last month. The only reason he hasn’t is because Dricus called the ANC the worst government in the world. And for that, Dricus is a true South African patriot”.

When one tweep pointed out that both Springbok captain Siya Kolisi and comedian Trevor Noah have been critical of SA’s state of affairs, he responded: “Trevor has been very critical of the ANC in his stand-up and late-night show. Maybe not so much of late since he’s the poster boy for SA Tourism now.

“Siya said straight to Cyril’s face at the Union building that diversity is the Springbok’s strength & that the ANC should be more diverse.”

He continued: “The only difference is that the media didn’t have a meltdown when Trevor or Siya were critical of the government. I wonder why”.


Dricus du Plessis’s scathing comments about the SA government and president were shared in an interview ahead of his UFC title fight.

Speaking to US interviewer Nina Drama, he said of his country: “It’s the worst government in the world by a long shot. We are truly and exceptionally s**t…it’s the most corrupt in the world”.

Of president Cyril Ramaphosa, he added: “He takes all the money.”

Following his UFC win and return to SA, Dricus doubled down on his outspoken statements.

Speaking in a press conference at OR Tambo, he claimed he had no regrets about what was said.

Dricus told the media: “I stand by what I said.  I’m not a politician, and that’s why I haven’t gone in a political direction. I’m a sports person. There are few people who will argue with me or who can argue with me if you go on facts”.

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