DJ Zinhle Mother's Day

DJ Zinhle is one of SA’s most loved celebs. Image via Twitter

‘For a married woman’: DJ Zinhle goes braless, outrages fans

‘I’m lost, what’s going on with the braless thing,’ an IG user asked after DJ Zinhle shared the now-viral photos on the app.

DJ Zinhle Mother's Day

DJ Zinhle is one of SA’s most loved celebs. Image via Twitter

Ntombezinhle “DJ Zinhle” Jiyane always sets tongues wagging with her good looks and great outfits. She does, however, face a lot of criticism and backlash from social media users who seem to be obsessed with every move she makes.

This weekend, she shared a photo of herself braless at an event with her nipples showing through her top.

The post received several reactions from social media users who either defended Zinhle or reminded her that she is an extension of her husband, Murdah Bongz, and should be acting accordingly.

‘No to the nips’: DJ Zinhle’s braless snaps go viral

My name is hitmaker DJ Zinhle has been killing it with her good looks, unique style and business empire. The popular disc jockey has garnered millions of fans over the years and appears to be nowhere near stopping.

She is constantly working on herself as a musician, her mom and an influencer.

She is also always receiving backlash from social media users who seem to believe that they have a say in what happens in her life.

DJ Zinhle
Everyone loves DJ Zinhle until she does her own thing and ruffles feathers. Image via Instagram: @djzinhle

This was once again proven to be true after she shared photos of herself seemingly wearing a t-shirt with no bra underneath.

In the snaps that was shared on Instagram, the star’s nipples are clearly visible.

While going braless and “freeing the nipple” has been going on for years among women who find bras uncomfortable and constricting, some of the DJ’s fans believe it is not appropriate.

According to many of them who headed to the comments section, the trend is not one a mother and wife should jump on.

This wouldn’t be the first time the 40-year-old has faced backlash from fans. Last year, her bikini photos wreaked havoc on social media as fans discussed whether or not it was appropriate.

DJ Zinhle: Not very ‘wifely?’

Many in the comment section called her out for behaving inappropriately as a wife. Others, however, loved the photos and have encouraged her to ignore all of the criticism and backlash.

“For a married woman, why not wear a bra?” asked one person while another added:

“Blessed are those who don’t have to wear a bra, man. Love it for them!”

“Bathong, miss Zinhle? Where’s your bra or nipple covers?” a third added.