DJ Maphorisa hit back Macg

DJ Maphorisa and MacG. Image via Instagram @djmaphorisa, @macgunleashed

‘MacG got a problem’: DJ Maphorisa finally hits back

DJ Maphorisa finally hits back at MacG after he trolled, calling him out saying he was like a vampire and greedy.

DJ Maphorisa hit back Macg

DJ Maphorisa and MacG. Image via Instagram @djmaphorisa, @macgunleashed

South African record producer DJ Maphorisa hits back at MacG’s troll, saying he got a problem on 6 February. MacG went public, calling out DJ Maphorisa for many things, saying he can’t make music alone anymore. He claimed that Maphorisa is using upcoming stars and others like Kabza De Small to continue surviving in the industry.

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This came after Maphorisa had been working on collaborations with other stars. MacG asked when Maphorisa last produced a song alone; most fans could not remember. MacG’s video calling out Maphorisa made many headlines, but the talented record producer remained silent.

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He was probably pondering his response; fortunately, he did so well in time. Speaking about Maphorisa, MacG used big words like a vampire, triggering many fans.

“DJ Maphorisa is a vampire, greedy and feeds from the youth,” MacG said.

DJ Maphorisa hit back MacG
DJ Maphorisa. Image via Instagram @djmaphorisa


Sharing on his Instagram, DJ Maphorisa hits back at MacG, saying he only does things for content when he knows the truth. “Macg got a problem with me, or the show is making money with a name; that’s why he has to talk about me all the time”, he started.

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It’s kinda crazy cause I n Macg we used rock together with Bobsta Farout days ko Midrand,” he continued. “Ehh na Chana metsi ba boi😂. It’s confusing cause he knows all about the music business,” he continued. “Sol was correcting him, but nah, he’s the Boss, I guess 😂” he finished laughing.


Many fans agreed with him after DJ Maphorisa hit back at MacG, but some could not.

@Candle_Kerese “My legend, this would slap hard with a video… doesn’t land the same 😢 😞”

@IAMTHEEPREACHER “Phori Phori to Kabza DE Small after linking up with Busta Rhymes at the states🇺🇲😭”

@Sandiso__N “We see you, workman, Kabza, Daliwong, etc. You changed those guys’ lives.”

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@MusaLux01 “I love how you all support each other still, you watching the podcast and him mentioning your name in every episode 🤣🤣🤣 that’s brotherhood.”

@ke_nna_Tshehla “Mac could have still made his point without calling you a “vampire, leech, sucking artists what what”. He made a noble valid point that was unfortunately overshadowed by the choice of words. The language suggests kwaal le wena, but the point is valid.”

@LukamoTM “Produce a split sheet and name a song you produced alone qha”