DJ Fresh

DJ Fresh opted to do music instead of law school. Image via Instagram @djfreshsa

‘It was worth it!’: DJ Fresh on dropping law school for music

‘My heart was not there at all’: DJ Fresh opened up about how he chose a life in music instead of a career in law.

DJ Fresh

DJ Fresh opted to do music instead of law school. Image via Instagram @djfreshsa

South African media personality DJ Fresh — real name Thato Sikwane — recently left his fans feeling all inspired after he shared a throwback photo and back story. According to the seasoned musician, he was meant to study law and wanted to pursue a career in the field but made the difficult decision to toss aside these ambitions and follow his musical dreams.

Many of those who heard his story believed that he made the right decision and applauded him for making a success of himself despite not going to law school.

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DJ Fresh shares how he chose music over law school

Earlier this week, South African social media users were left thoroughly taken aback after learning that famous musician Kelly Khumalo dropped out of school before finishing her grade 10.

The news led to many discussing how education isn’t always the key to success.

DJ Fresh
DJ Fresh talked about dropping law school for music. Image via Instagram @djfrshsa

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And now DJ Fresh has left many seriously considering it after revealing that he too left a career in law to pursue a career in music.

Heading online, he shared a throwback photo of himself as a young man with cassettes. In the caption he explained how his family expected him to study.

Fate on the other hand had different plans for him.

“As fate would have it, and God having the sense of humour that she does, got my first radio gig when I was 19, sealing my DJ fate for good! IT WAS WORTH IT!” he wrote.

Take a look below:

Fans are super proud

In the comment section many praised him for following his dreams and becoming one of the country’s biggest musicians.

“I’m glad you did not deny us the talent that is DJ Fresh. That would have been unlawful!” said one fan while another wrote:

“The G in O.G”

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