Connie Ferguson looks amazing. Images via Instagram: @connieferguson

Connie Ferguson looks amazing. Images via Instagram: @connieferguson

Connie Ferguson rocks a crop top, garners mixed reactions

Too revealing? Connie Ferguson sparked a heated debate about ageism after she showed off her abs in a cute crop top.

Connie Ferguson looks amazing. Images via Instagram: @connieferguson

Connie Ferguson looks amazing. Images via Instagram: @connieferguson

Former Generations star Connie Ferguson is currently trending on social media. This after a picture of her wearing a crop top that revealed her abs went viral on X. Soon, people were discussing whether or not it is appropriate for a woman in her 50s to be dressing that way.

X users also brought up the fact that former University of Cape Town (UCT) Vice-Chancellor Professor Mamokgeti Phakeng was once blasted for revealing her belly button in a crop top.

Connie Ferguson rocks a crop, has her age brought up

Many of us 90s babies grew up watching Connie Ferguson play Karabo Moroka on popular prime time TV drama, Generations.

These days, we all enjoy her fitness videos and watching her create the body of most of our dreams.

With all of the hard work and effort that she puts into keeping shape, naturally, she looks amazing in everything she puts on — even crop tops.

Connie Ferguson
Peeps are questioning Connie Ferguson’s acting skills. Image via Instagram @connie_ferguson

In fact, a photo of her looking absolutely radiant in a a cream-coloured crop top has left quite the impression on social media users.

While many gushed over how great she looks, others brought up the fact that Prof Phakeng once had to defend herself from trolls when she revealed her tummy online.

Netizens weigh in

Many people headed to the comment section to share their thoughts on ageism and policing women and what they choose to wear at any age.

A lot of X users compliment Connie on looking this great.

“Prof is in the education space. What part of that dont you understand. There you need to lead by example,” one person commented while another added:

“Mind You, they’re both in their 50s but they’ll tell you that Prof is an academic and Connie an actress as if academics don’t have lives outside of academia. Both are women in their 50s who look amazing.”

“This app is so full of hypocrites, their perception always changes depending on who is involved.” a third added.