mamkhize, carte blanche

MaMkhize has reacted to an embarrassing interview on Carte Blanche.
Images via YouTube screenshot: Carte Blanche

Saving face? MaMkhize reacts to cringe ‘Carte Blanche’ interview [video]

MaMkhize was left with egg on her face after an embarrassing interview in ‘Carte Blanche’ on Sunday. Here’s what she had to say in response.

mamkhize, carte blanche

MaMkhize has reacted to an embarrassing interview on Carte Blanche.
Images via YouTube screenshot: Carte Blanche

An attempt to “set the record straight” by Shauwn Mkhize – affectionately known as MaMkhize – has fallen flat on its face after another Carte Blanche expose.

However, the businesswoman and reality TV star appeared unfazed in a defiant social media post following the episode.

In it, the “tenderpreneur” denied claims she had been convicted of fraud almost 20 years ago. This, despite official documentation stating otherwise.

Before taking on her identity as “MaMkhize,” she was known as Shauwn Mpisane, whose husband was Durban Metro-cop-turned-businessman Sbu Mpisane.


In Sunday night’s episode of Carte Blanche, MaMkhize took the hot seat over allegations of her criminal past.

According to the investigative show, the flashy TV star had benefitted from over R1 billion in government tenders over a period of 20 years to her company, Zikhulise Cleaning, Maintenance, and Transport.

This included low-cost housing projects and Public Works contracts.

During that time, she was arrested on multiple occasions for allegations of fraud, forgery, bribery, and tax evasion. The charges were later withdrawn for various reasons.

However, MaMkhize denied that any of her business had materialised from her political connections, particularly from her late mom Florence Mkhize, who was an ANC stalwart. She also shut down reports of a 2005 fraud conviction.

She said: “Why can’t people look at me as a young black woman who has worked very hard, who has pushed boundaries and opened doors?”

She added: “I will never entertain the noise of the world. I live in my own world with my own rules”.

When asked why she had evaded tax amid a luxurious lifestyle, the 49-year-old seemingly became defensive.

“Tax matters are personal. I don’t have to divulge what were my problems”.

Watch the full episode below…


According to government legislation, South Africans can apply to have a criminal record expunged ten years after the conviction date.

This, is provided that you have not been convicted and sentenced to a period of imprisonment without the option of a fine during that time frame.

When asked if she had her fraud record expunged, MaMkhize told Carte Blanche: “I don’t know. I’m not a lawyer.

“I don’t want to comment on that. All I want to tell you is that my record is clean”.


In an Instagram Story on Tuesday, 23 April, MaMkhize seemingly reacted to the backlash of her Carte Blanche interview.

She shared: “This week no weapon formed against me, my family, our heart, health, mind and soul shall prosper. God got us.”

mamkhize, carte blanche
Image via Instagram: @kwa_mammkhize