toya delazy, zahara. dj sbu, ts records

Toya DeLazy has spoken out about Zahara’s record label struggles.
Images via X: @toyadelazy/ @zaharasa

‘Had the same contract’: Toya DeLazy hints at being ‘exploited’ like Zahara

Fellow artist Toya DeLazy has hinted at similar struggles to the late Zahara, who accused DJ Sbu and TS Records of owing her ‘millions’.

toya delazy, zahara. dj sbu, ts records

Toya DeLazy has spoken out about Zahara’s record label struggles.
Images via X: @toyadelazy/ @zaharasa

Toya Delazy has joined the dialogue of commentary surrounding the late Zahara’s record deal with TS Records, a now-defunct music label co-owned by DJ Sbu and K Nciza.

DeLazy – who recently became an independent recording artist – has called out industry bigwigs for essentially taking advantage of artists in the industry.

Zahara died on Monday evening after a long battle with liver complications.

She was just 36 years old.

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Following her death, social media users dissected Zahara’s music deal amid allegations she was “exploited.”

Over the years, the singer was adamant that TS Records owed her “millions” in royalties and performances from her debut album, Loliwe.

One tweep shared: “Zahara’s first album, Loliwe made R20 Million.

75% to Sony R15 Million 

25% to TS Records R5 Million 

Zahara takes R500k from the 10% deal with TS Records

Before bullying, DJ Sbu understands the music business first.”.

Toya DeLazy responded to the tweet, adding: “I had the exact same deal.”

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In 2011, Toya signed a two-album record deal with Sony Music Africa.  However, the entertainer left the record house in 2016 to go the independent artist route. She would later open her own record label.

She continued: “The journey is harder as an indie because people don’t understand the work it takes to keep your visibility at the level the majors had. So many would rather just stay in those deals, and the entire industry turns its back on you because many don’t wanna mess up their bag with the majors by supporting you. So it’s not that we lost talent. We are still those artists. The talent is there. It’s a case of SUPPORT when starting out alone.

She added: “I have learned a lot, and I regret nothing about my journey. I’m saying all that to say this: we are still here and growing our own companies where we are loved. I had to start again. I’m very lucky to have made it this far, and it feels like the journey has only just begun”.

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Meanwhile, in the wake of her death, DJ Sbu has clapped back at claims that he owed the late singer money.

Speaking to Newzroom Afrika, the businessman detailed how Zahara was given her share of royalties as well as owned her music publishing.

He said: “I would never do anything to do anybody wrong. The only thing I’ve ever done in the industry is to help other people.”

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“I am my own man, I know how to make my own money. I am a hard worker. The only thing I’ve ever done was to contribute and help her succeed. The story that was out there that we were owing monies is false.”