Cheslin Kolbe family Japan

Cheslin Kolbe and his family in Japan. images via Instagram @cheslinkolbe

Springboks Layla Kolbe: ‘Cheslin spoke to Siya about going to Japan’ 

Springboks Cheslin Kolbe and his wife, Layla reveal they spoke to his mentors, friends and Siya Kolisi about leaving France for Japan.

Cheslin Kolbe family Japan

Cheslin Kolbe and his family in Japan. images via Instagram @cheslinkolbe

The Springboks star Cheslin Kolbe revealed on eNCA show last week that he wasn’t informed he’s leaving for Japan until he read it in the media.

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The Springboks’ flyer’s wife, Layla Kolbe also revealed on eNCA’s Annika Larsen show that Cheslin still had one more left in France before he left for Japan.

Layla says she read it in the media that Cheslin is going to Japan, and he had no idea either that he was leaving France. The move was unexpected because she just gave birth.

His coach approached him, and he denied reports that he was leaving France because he still had one year left. Then Japan approached them…

Cheslin: “Then Japan approached us, it was a long story. My team in France said if something comes up, you can leave. I understood because I was injured, and they told me they’re a business”. 

Layla: “We wanted to stay because it was beautiful, we were in the South of France. We had amazing friends at the club. My kids were learning French at school. We spoke to our friends, mentors what should we do, we spoke to Siya.” 

Layla adds that they wished they could stay because Siya is there now, it would have been a fairytale, but they are excited for this new chapter. They made friends in Japan already. They have Faf, Jesse…

Cheslin adds that he, Faf and Jesse live in the same building but play for different teams, rivals. The Kolbes have accepted that that’s how the clubs work, they’re a business. The club in Japan are accommodating and friendly.

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Cheslin’s wife, Layla Kolbe also reveals to Annika Larsen the challenges she faced in the Rugby World Cup.

Larsen asks: “What were the challenges for you Layla that were not linked to the game, but just having little kids, traveling…” 

Layla: “We had to book our own flights, own trains, walk 2km to stadium.”

Larsen: “I thought you would have been chauffeured …”

Layla: “No, not South Africa, there was a time the bus dropped us in the middle of nowhere, no bus signs, there was a factory, 30 minutes to walk to the stadium. I called Cheslin screaming on the phone. We are walking along the river, it’s dodgy. We got to the stadium, and we were sweaty and stinky.”

Mrs Kolbe adds that the World Cup wasn’t glamorous as they had no one guiding them to the game and they were on their phones using Google Maps.

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