Sonia Mbele

Sonia Mbele says she is not having an affair with anyone. Images via Instagram @thee_sonia

‘The father wasn’t there’: Sonia Mbele exposes son’s deadbeat dad

Actor Sonia Mbele says her first son didn’t have a father figure and shared that she had to play both roles, ‘but it will never be enough’.

Sonia Mbele

Sonia Mbele says she is not having an affair with anyone. Images via Instagram @thee_sonia

South African actress Sonia Mbele has recently opened up about parenting as seen in an x (formally known as Twitter) video shared on 30 November. In the clip, she shared a story of a time she bumped into her deadbeat son’s father at a supermarket in Joburg.


The former Generations star got into detail as she shared a real story of the time she ran into her deadbeat baby daddy whom she had been with for almost a decade before their split. She told the story during an interview on the King David Studio podcast.

Mbele went down memory lane and recalled that she was at a grocery store in Melville, picking up a few stuff for her son who was nine months old at the time. She said she ran into her son’s father who had been standing behind her in the shopping aisle and recalled him taking a glance at her shopping items. She said he must have realised that her items were going to cost him an arm and a leg had he offered to pay for them because what he did next was jaw-dropping.

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He is said to have ditched the aisle and went to the cigarette counter to pay for his goods. Thereafter, he returned to where he had left Mbele and offered her a bag of biltong which he decided to purchase for his son who didn’t even have teeth yet.

“The father wasn’t there. This is a man I was with for nine years by the way,” she said.

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Sonia mbele
Sonia Mbele. Images via Twitter @theesonia


Earlier this year, during her interview on Dineo On S*X n Suff, the Blood & Water actress, Sonia Mbele opened up about her 2021 divorce from her ex, Leslie Sedibe. In the interview, she unpacked one of the things that she said led to her divorce. She revealed that she was blindsided by her ex who allegedly made a bet with his friends that he would get her.

“Then you find out that actually you were a bet. They saw you on TV – it was four people; it was on your marks, get set – go!… I was a bet,” she said.

“While I was there [in her marriage] and waking up to the drawn of who are you, who did I marry, and living with that person every day and realising this is a MFer…There was a time when we did not speak for years, and I am comfortable talking about this now. But there was a time when I wasn’t,” she said.

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