siya kolisi

Siya Kolisi impressed a professional singer with his vocals.
Images via Instagram: @siyakolisi

‘Idols SA’ star urges Siya Kolisi to record an album [watch]

A man of many talents? Siya Kolisi has been encourage to record a music album after his followers were impressed by his singing skills

siya kolisi

Siya Kolisi impressed a professional singer with his vocals.
Images via Instagram: @siyakolisi

Springboks captain Siya Kolisi is known for his electrifying dance moves. But many fans of the rugby star were pleasantly surprised to hear that he can sing too.

The popular player – who recently signed to French club Racing 92 – even won the praise from a SAMA-nominated singer!

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In a recent Instagram post, Siya Kolisi shared a look at an evening out for his family of four. This included a trip outdoors to see a Christmas sound and light show.

With a cup of hot chocolate and some warm winter jackets, the Kolisi’s braved the freezing temperatures.

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The fun-loving family – known for their pranks – soon broke out into song and dance. And for Siya, that meant showing off some dazzling dance moves to the Bee Gee’s Stayin Alive soundtrack.

The father-of-two also tried his hand at singing, which many followers were full of praise over.

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@Iso_rugby: “Holy….. voice of an angel.”

@brent_naude: “2023 Rugby World Cup Captain and 2024 Idols Winner”

@motlalepulamatross: “So many talents.”

The post also attracted the attention of SAMA-nominated singer Brenden Praise, who commented: “A Siya Kolisi album, please.”

Praise is known as the 2013 Idols SA runner-up.


While many fans of Siya gushed over his singing skills, his wife Rachel took the opportunity to playfully tease her partner.

“More like Wooden Mic,” she commented, referring to the Idols SA segment for people with horrendous singing voices.

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