Penuel The Black Pen

Penuel The Black Pen announced his son’s birthday. Image via Instagram @godpenuel

Aww! Penuel The Black Pen’s ‘6th kiddo’ turns three [photos]

‘I don’t blame these women who give you kids shem’: Popular social media user Penuel The Black Pen celebrated his sixth child’s birthday.

Penuel The Black Pen

Penuel The Black Pen announced his son’s birthday. Image via Instagram @godpenuel

Podcaster and popular X (social media formally known as Twitter) user Penuel The Black Pen took to social media and announced his son’s third birthday as seen in an X post shared on 4 December. He also shared that the tiny tot was his fourth son out of his sixth children – his social media friends and followers have since rushed to the comment section and sent the little boy the best of wishes.


Penuel The Black Pen has previously opened up about his passion for parenting. He occasionally gushes over his kids Nkunzi, Zulu, Afrika, Shaka, Kulxa, and Nyanga. He recently had his social media friends and followers talking after announcing that his fourth son had just turned three.

While some ladies on X expressed that they could understand how the handsome X user has up to six children, others couldn’t help but caution him for having such a large family. Nonetheless, many other social media users still penned the little man the sweetest birthday messages as seen in the comment section.

“Happy 3rd Birthday, Boytjie. I hope you’ll have a top-shayela day! Love you lots like jelly tots ❤️ Sghubhu… my 4th son & 6th kiddo 😊,” Penuel The Black Pen’s birthday tribute read.

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In other news, earlier this year, Penuel The Black Pen accused fellow podcaster MacG of being a gatekeeper towards aspiring podcasters on YouTube, IOL reported.

“It is MacGyver’s interest with Podcast and Chill to make sure no other podcast makes it,” he was quoted as saying.

This was reportedly followed by another Podcaster, DJ Sbu, who is said to have distanced himself from the claims and instead said that the entertainment industry was all about “creating opportunities on your own” and not relying on others in the same space. Earlier this year, Podcast and Chill celebrated reaching a million subscribers on YouTube. They have also recently launched their acholic drink called Chillers Punch.

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Penuel The Black Pen
Penuel The Black Pen’s son turned three. Image via Instagram @godpenuel


“I don’t blame these women who give you kids shem,” @n_phetise wrote.

“I love this other tweet where he said our sole purpose is to procreate and that everything else is a distraction…talk about having a legacy 🤝💯,” @ttusomokoena08 commented.

“The heart of a father is the masterpiece of nature. Prevost Abbe. Happy Birthday to the young 🤴🏾,” @KGMasekela replied.

“Happy birthday to him more many years 🎂🎂💯,” @Jizana_Zolani reacted.

“Oh please Panuel teach him to be active like his father👊,” @Afikile18164596 said.

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