Musa Khawula

Musa Khawula. Image via YouTube (screenshot) @ThePopofPopCulture

Musa Khawula lives his best life ahead of court appearance [watch]

Musa Kahwula has not been convicted for murdering Wandile Khambule. Instead, he was spotted partying weeks before his next court appearance.

Musa Khawula

Musa Khawula. Image via YouTube (screenshot) @ThePopofPopCulture

Controversial blogger Musa Khawula was spotted at a Tshisa Nyama joint in Gauteng as seen in an X (formally Known as Twitter) post shared on Monday, 27 November – this comes after he had his fans and social media users convinced that he was sentenced for 15 years and behind bars for murdering his late boyfriend Wandile Khambule.


After being off the grid for some time, Musa Khawula is back! The popular entertainment blogger recently returned to social media and shared his reason for going missing in action in recent weeks. For some time, he even had his diehard fans believing the rumours that he was finally sentenced for killing his ex-boyfriend Wandile Khambule on 4 March 2022.

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Addressing the rumours earlier this month, Khawula revealed that he had been short-staffed and was in the process of looking for a new videographer for his YouTube channel, The Pope of Culture. “We had internal issues, our own issues, and most of my issues came from content always being late all the time. he shared.

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Musa Khawula
Musa Khawula. Image via Instagram @Twitter @joy_zelda


Musa Khawula will be back in court on 23 January 2024, ZiMoja reported. According to the publication, the Vredenburg Magistrates Court in the Western Cape had previously postponed the case for the prosecution to have sufficient time to decide whether or not the matter should be handed over to the High Court, and to also decide whether the accused had killed Wandile Khambule intentionally.

Khambule died at 35 years old after he was brutally stabbed to death with a knife in Vredenburg by Khawula. This comes after The Pope of Culture boss caught his lover behind closed doors with his girlfriend, Sweetness Jahfta.

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