Mandy Malebo

Mandy Malebo. Image via Instagram @mandymalebo

Mondli Ngcobo’s baby mama Mandy Malebo has allegedly died

‘Condolences to family and friends’: Mondli Ngcobo’s baby mama, 28-year-old socialite and mother of one, Mandy Malebo has allegedly died.

Mandy Malebo

Mandy Malebo. Image via Instagram @mandymalebo

Socialite Mandy Malebo died on Thursday, 4 January after an alleged suicide attempt, IOL reported. She is said to have been just one in many South Africans who suffered from depression – unfortunately, she reportedly passed away before receiving help.


According to the blog known as Maphephandaba, the 28–year-old late socialite was rushed to hospital after allegedly complaining about alcohol poisoning. The mother of one had a son with musician Mondli Ngcobo. He is best known for hits like Inkanyezi, Makoti, Mina Nawe featuring Kelly Khumalo, and more.

In a previously recorded video, Mandy Malebo expressed her heartache and opened up about some of the abuse she has allegedly endured behind closed doors.

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“Knowing very well the trauma I’ve had to experience in this broken relationship with my dad… Mondli has seen his child once. My child has only seen his dad once. And my mom continued to defend him, all because he sends money — and I got beat up… my nail, nose bleeds, vinegar pored all over me,” Malebo cried out.

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Mandy Mondli Ngcobo WhatsApp chats
Mandy Malebo. image via Instagram @mandymalebo
Mandy Malebo
Mandy Malebo. Image via Instagram @mandymalebo


“Condolences to family and friends 🕯️🕊️,” @mbongekile wrote.

“God have mercy on us 💔🙏🏽 may her soul rest in peace,” @siwe_shoba replied.

“Ooooh Mandz I’m so sorry how I thought you were fine and everything will be good ongoing 😢😢😢😢 it’s so sad Nana rest Hun❤️🙏🏻,” @chweneemang commented.

“Hope you are at peace🕊️. You’ve been through a lot, by the way of your videos 😔💐💐💐,” @bushle_sa said.

“Oooh l remember her she once came crying on live shame Mae her soul rest in peace 💔,” @podo_de_goldengal wrote.

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