Tol Ass Mo

Toll Ass Mo and Manthatisi Tlhakoane. Images via Instagram @musathepope

‘God took her child away’: Woman believed to be Mome insults Tol Ass Mo’s ‘bae’ [listen]

Tol Ass Mo and Mome set tongues wagging at the weekend when an Instagram Live video of them kissing made the rounds.

Tol Ass Mo

Toll Ass Mo and Manthatisi Tlhakoane. Images via Instagram @musathepope

An audio clip of a woman said to be businesswoman Mome Mahlangu has been leaked on social media.

In the clip, the woman is speaking about another woman named Katlego – beloved to be comedian Tol Ass Mo ‘s girlfriend, Manthatisi “Kat” Tlhakoane.


The angry woman, who is confronting a man, refers to Katlego as a “dirty wh*re”.

“You want to keep your kids stable, how, busy f**king such a dirty wh*re. Love yourself. Me, I’m not touched,” the woman says.

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She also tells the man that she is going to show him how classy her next partner is. She further insults Katlego and says her late child died because she is an evil woman.

“Why doesn’t she have her own house, kids? God took her child away because he knows she is evil, she is an evil wh*re.”

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According to Zimoja, a friend said that Kat lost her newborn baby a seven years ago and is still grieving.

“Her son was born in January 2016 and died on 8 May. So, when Mome mentions this in the voice notes that God did right by taking her child away, Kat broke down,’ the friend says.

“She says Kat deserved to lose her child. That is wrong. Kat even has the initials of her child tattooed on her wrist and Mome knows. She is not the person that people think that she is.”

Kat confirmed to the publication that she lost a baby some years ago. She, however, refused to comment on anything further.

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According to the friend, Mome has been stalking Kat.

“Mome has a picture of Kat and Mongezi out in Rosebank at a restaurant, stalking them. She is scared. Mome uses her kid’s social media to send a shit load of messages to the guy. Kat is not vindictive and I’m not horrible.”

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Tol Ass Mo and Kat are reportedly still together despite a circulating Instagram Live clip of the married couple kissing at a restaurant.

“That is low. A few hours later Mome leaked the story that she and Mongezi were back together. He is at Kat’s house every day, they live together. His clothes are still there.” the friend said.