Generations flashback. Samuel and Sharon were one of the best on-screen couples. Image via Twitter @ThabzMokhethi

Death, divorce, depression: Actor on hardships after ‘Generations’

Former ‘Generations’ actor Thabiso Mokhethi opened up about experiencing unimaginable tough times after leaving the local soapie.


Generations flashback. Samuel and Sharon were one of the best on-screen couples. Image via Twitter @ThabzMokhethi

Former Generations actor, Thabiso Mokhethi who used to play the role of Samuel on the SABC 1’s telenovela recently opened up about some of the hardships he has experienced in life after leaving the local soapie.


Thabiso Mokhethi was interviewed on Gogo Skotheni’s The Venting Podcast where he got candid about some of the challenges he has faced in life including losing faith in God, going through an unwanted divorce, and losing all his immediate family members.

“My wife was my best friend, my kids were my friends, we travelled together, did everything together. But when the money stopped coming in, it seemed the love started fizzling away. The respect lessened and the arguments increased — instead of growing together, my ex-wife and I were growing apart. So, all these things happened after leaving Generations.

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The 41-year-old explained that because he is an artist, he couldn’t find the inspiration to bring out his best and find another job. He ended up not working for some time and eventually started feeling alone and depressed. At some point he was desperate because nothing was coming his way.

“I was trying, trying, trying, and I started being angry with God for taking away those things. I was losing my faith in God. The biggest thing that made me lose faith was losing my marriage,” he said.

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Former ‘Generations’ star Thabiso Mokhethi. Image via Instagram @thabisomokhethi


Thabiso Mokhethi has previously been candid about his past with drug addiction and depression, TshisaLIVE reported. Whilst still going through the divorce that he didn’t want, the former Generations actor shared that his older brother was killed mysteriously, making him the only member left from his immediate family.

“So while I’m going through a divorce, my brother gets murdered. So from the Mokhethi family, I became the only one left. My mom and father died, my older brother just got murdered and the youngest died in a car accident with our mom. While I’m still going through that, my wife divorced me… that loneliness…that brokenness…and then you still remember, on top of all of this, I’ve got no job,” he shared.

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