Elton Jantjies and Ashleigh Ogle

Ashleigh Ogle and Elton Jantjies. Images via Instagram @ashleighogle, @eltonjantjies

‘Never used anyone to get ahead’: Elton Jantjies’s ex claps back

Ashleigh Ogle, the ex-girlfriend of controversial former Springbok Elton Jantjies, has clapped back at ‘clout’ criticism.

Elton Jantjies and Ashleigh Ogle

Ashleigh Ogle and Elton Jantjies. Images via Instagram @ashleighogle, @eltonjantjies

Elton Jantjies’s ex Ashleigh Ogle has clapped back at commentary that she used any of her love interests to get ahead.

The TV personality- who previously dated rappers FLVME and Mthunzi Ngani, aka Shogun – recently announced her split from the controversial former Springbok.

Ashley and Elton called time on their three-month romance earlier this month. This, despite the controversial player still being legally married to his wife, Iva Ristic.

Elton made headlines a year ago after he confessed to having a lengthy affair with team dietician Zeenat Simjee, who denied the tryst.

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In a tweet posted in recent days, Ashleigh Ogle shut down criticism that she was “clout chasing” on her high-profile relationships.

She posted on Twitter or X: “I’m not cryptic about anything! I’m straight and direct. I’ve never hidden a thing nor have I USED anyone to get ahead in any which way, don’t believe me? I’ll prove it”.

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When asked to address claims that Elton Jantjies denied their relationship ever took place, Ashley responded with a “clown” emoji.

In a statement released last, Ashleigh distanced herself from Elton, whom she confirmed she had split from.

She shared in part: “I have endured things no woman deserves. I was deluded & chose to believe in him until numerous reliable sources brought information to my attention that could have implicated me”.

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She also revealed that following their rollercoaster romance, her life was “threatened,”

When one tweep asked her why she decided to post a statement, she clapped back: “Because my life was threatened. Is that enough of a reason?”. Ashleigh did not go into details of the threats or who made them.


On social media, many South Africans have called out both Elton Jantjies and Ashleigh Ogle for airing their relationship’s dirty laundry.

Here’s what a few TikTok users had to say:

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@sillonindoha1: “This mad doesn’t want to stay out of the media. South Africa’s ‘stout seun’”.

@amber_jaftha: “How can Elton deny they were together when there were photos?”

@user4069258577621: “Mid-life crisis”

@tee_ec: “Problem, child!

@MDC: “She wants her two minutes of fame.”

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