anele, eff, ben vorster

Anele Mdoda has supported the EFF’s protest at the Ben Vorster school. Images via X: @anele

Anele Mdoda supports EFF’s demands to ‘expel racist child’

Anele Mdoda has publicly supported the EFF’s call for the strongest punishment against a Ben Vorster learner, whose racial slur went viral.

anele, eff, ben vorster

Anele Mdoda has supported the EFF’s protest at the Ben Vorster school. Images via X: @anele

Anele Mdoda has supported EFF’s call for strong action against a Hoërskool Ben Vorster learner who was caught hurling a racial slur against YouTuber Sonwabile.

The 15-year-old boy – who has since been named by social media users – made headlines after he referred to the popular star as an “EFF k****r”.

On Wednesday, 29 November, members of the party led a protest at the school to demand the boy’s expellsion.


In the video that has gone viral on social media, a 15-year-old boy is seen calling Sonwabile a horrific racial slur.

The Youtuber responds in disbelief: “I can’t believe in 2023, we are dealing with racists”.

Like many South Africans, Anele Mdoda reacted with disgust over the video of the boy making the racist slur.

She tweeted: “Let’s find these kids and make em trend.”

She added: “Hope charges are pressed, drag the court case till they are old enough to go to jail

Anele also retweeted posts from other X users of the EFF’s march to the boy’s school; Hoërskool Ben Vorster, in Limpopo.

One post read: “The racist child must be expelled and taught a lesson never to be a racist again. It’s the only way to get rid of racism”.

Another posted: The EFF walks its talk….thank you, EFF, for standing up for the dignity of the black child”.

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Meanwhile, Cape Town muso The Kiffness has called out Anele for her stance, which he labels as a “witch hunt of a child”.

Not for the first time, the outspoke artist publicly bashed the 947 presenter for her support towards the EFF.

He tweeted: “Anele praises racists who call for the killing of Boers in stadiums of 90k people, while starting a witch-hunt on a 15-year-old racist kid messing around on Omegle.

“Neither are acceptable, but the double standard in how both are treated is mad”.

He added: “Watch out for the people who praise one racist but start witch hunts on others. They are the biggest hypocrites and the worst racists of all”.

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