Yizo Yizo Innocent Masuku

Innocent Masuku. Images: X @LeftnEzzy

Bobo from ‘Yizo Yizo’: Innocent Masuku back on drugs?

“Trust me, we have all tried to help him, but it doesn’t seem like there is hope,” a close source on Innocent Masuku’s relapse.

Yizo Yizo Innocent Masuku

Innocent Masuku. Images: X @LeftnEzzy

With an illustrious career spanning years, Innocent Masuku became one of the most sought-after South African actors, but everything went south against the backdrop of his newfound fame.

Undoubtedly, his unmatched acting flair wowed many. Innocent Masuku is best known for his onscreen character of Bobo on ‘Yizo Yizo.’


However, despite being that star actor we all love to hate, Innocent Masuku lost it all to his drug addiction. In recent years, his woes have often thrust him into top trends as Mzansi tries to connect the dots about his fall from glory.

Recently, he hogged headlines after his drunk video made rounds on social media. No doubt, the video left many concerned. However, against the viral video, it has since been established that Innocent Masuku had a relapse, according to ZiMoja.

ZiMoja added that those close to him had given up since there was no change. Speaking on anonymity, the source said, “Trust me, we have all tried to help him, but it doesn’t seem like there is hope. He will shout when he needs help.”

Another source revealed that Innocent Masuku often disappears for days without informing anyone about his whereabouts. “A TV producer tried to help him get gigs but would not show up for auditions and screen testing. Most industry people have given up on him as talented as he is,” added another source.


In 2022, the EFF seemingly gave the ‘Yizo Yizo’ star Innocent Masuku a second chance, but it seems it didn’t work out. He had the opportunity to talk about his woes during the EFF’s Youth Month campaigns.

Several well-wishers reached out against the campaign, and Innocent Masuku bounced back with drug awareness campaign shows. Rumour mill has it that he dumped some of the gigs since he could go for days without reporting for work.