Vivian Reddy death

Vivian Reddy at his aprents’ grave. Image via Instagram @vivian_reddy_official

He’s alive: Billionaire Vivian Reddy shoots down death rumours

‘Work of sadistic bored individuals’ – South Africa billionaire Vivian Reddy shot down viral rumours of his death.

Vivian Reddy death

Vivian Reddy at his aprents’ grave. Image via Instagram @vivian_reddy_official

South African billionaire Vivian Reddy shot down death rumours after claims came out through YouTube in the past few weeks.

Vivian remains one of the most famous billionaires in South Africa, and there is much talk about his name. Marrying a reality star, Sorisha Naidoo, made him even more popular among South Africans.

Together, the couple has been showing their lifestyle on social media, including family events. A few days ago, they visited the grave of Vivian’s parents and some of their family members.

Indeed, fans loved a tombstone they saw there, one most South Africans had not seen since birth. Together with Sorisha, they also went out shopping together, and they both looked healthy.

Vivian described their shopping as a route to escape from their children.

“My soulmate @sorishanaidoo escaping from our children and pugs ❤️” he said.

Vivian Reddy death
Vivian Reddy. Image via Instagram @vivian_reddy_official


Despite showing up in public in recent days, some claimed his death, and he could not ignore it. Shooting down the rumours, he described the people who started the lie as sadistic, bored individuals.

He appreciated the concerned individuals who reached out, making calls and messages showing concern.

“The numerous Fake posts on YouTube announcing my passing on is the work of sadistic, bored individuals. Thanks to multiple concerned individuals for your kind messages and calls of concern.” he said.


From the rumours of his death, now some South Africans claim that Vivian Reddy is the sponsor of the new party. Indeed, Vivian had a lot on his plate but was forced to take legal action as lies continued to come under his name.

He shot down the rumour again, declaring his involvement in funding the rising part. “Disappointed by fake news spreading like wildfire. Taking legal action to uphold truth and integrity. #NoRoomForFalsehood” he said.

Vivian Reddy death
Vivian Reddy and Sorisha Naidoo. Image via Instagram @vivian_reddy_official


After Vivian Reddy shot down the death rumours, his fans have been told that more had happened on Facebook. They believed that his account had been used by scammers deceiving people around the country.

@Sharvind Maharaj, “I see they also use your name on Facebook to commit scams. Be aware”

@Yule Chetty “Hi Vivian, I believe that your Facebook may also have been impersonated/ compromised 🤦‍♂️”

Some fans responded showing how muc the news shocked them that some people wish Vivian’s death.

@Kusturi Bissondut “Unbelievable how mean and disgusting some people can be 😡. Their curses are your blessings 🙏🏽”

@Simon Baloyi “There’s lot of sick people who do not regard the privacy and dignity of other people.”