DJ Maphorisa Galxboy

DJ Maphorisa at Galxboy store. Images: Instagram @djmaphorisa

‘Big spender’: DJ Maphorisa splurges R91.9k on Galxboy merch, shows off receipt

DJ Maphorisa is trending after his shopping spree at Galxboy. The muso splurged R91.9k on designer clothes and shared the receipt on Insta.

DJ Maphorisa Galxboy

DJ Maphorisa at Galxboy store. Images: Instagram @djmaphorisa

DJ Maphorisa is trending after showing off the receipt from his recent shopping spree at Galxboy. No doubt he lives lavishly and is unapologetic about it.

Over the years, DJ Maphorisa has splurged thousands on designer clothes, from a R477 000 Hermes Birkin bag to a R33 000 Christian Dior bag. DJ Maphorisa’s sense of fashion has often thrust him into trends.


However, DJ Maphorisa recently proved to many that ‘local is lekker’ when he bought clothes worth over R91 000 from Galxboy. Taking to Instagram, DJ Maphorisa posted, “Local Is Lekker.”

Photos of the DJ at the store while showing off boxes of his new designer clothes have since flooded social media. However, DJ Maphorisa shared screenshots of his receipt, setting social media abuzz.

Photos of the receipt have gained thousands of comments and reactions since they dropped on the internet. Some of the clothes bought by DJ Maphorisa include a Carrot T-shirt for R500, an Essential Nylon Jacket worth R1000 and a GG T-shirt for R450.

He also bought an Eternal T-shirt for R600, an Essential Nylon jacket and pants worth R2 000. DJ Maphorisa’s receipt also revealed that he purchased the famous Members Jacket from Galxboy for R1 600. He also bought an Underdog T-shirt worth R700 and a World Peace 3.0 for R700.


DJ Maphorisa joins a host of A-listers who have supported local brands. Against his post, Mzansi quickly flooded his comment section with their two cents. One user commented, “You bought the whole store .” Another user added, “Thank you. At least someone is not buying GUCCI only.”


However, this is not the first time DJ Maphorisa has made headlines with his soft spot for designer clothes. Let’s dive into some of his expensive handbags that have often thrust him into the top trends in recent years.

DJ Maphorisa reportedly owns a Hermes Birkin bag worth R477 000. It is one of the most expensive bags from a famous designer company, and celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Cardi B are some of the few who own the bag.

DJ Maphorisa once made headlines after sharing photos of one of his Louis Vuitton bags, which reportedly cost R100 000. The bag comes with a fancy wallet. The DJ has often been spotted with a Christian Dior bag costing R33 000.