Pearl Thusi Radio 2000

Pearl Thusi joins DJ Cleo on Radio 2000. Images: Instagram @pearlthusi

‘Big moves’: Pearl Thusi announces new radio gig

No doubt Pearl Thusi has been busy and booked since she added DJing to her resume. The DJ is trending after announcing her latest radio gig.

Pearl Thusi Radio 2000

Pearl Thusi joins DJ Cleo on Radio 2000. Images: Instagram @pearlthusi

Since adding DJing to her resume, DJ Pearl Thusi has been winning big. No doubt Pearl Thusi is trending after she announced her latest radio gig on Instagram.

Pearl Thusi will be having her second radio mix on Radio 2000.


Taking to Instagram, Pearl Thusi revealed that she will join award-winning DJ and radio host DJ Cleo on his show tonight as a guest DJ. She will be a guest DJ on #TheEskhaleni Party with DJ Cleo which runs from 10 PM to midnight.

Pearl Thusi’s post has gained thousands of comments and reactions since it dropped. Fellow celebrities and fans were quick to flood her comments section with some congratulatory messages.

Part of her post reads, “I MUST BE DREAMING! I never thought Cleo would know my name, let alone me serve his first show, a mix, on Radio 2000! Nkulunkulu uMkhulu! Thank you for reaching out. Also, I have learned so much trying to make this mix perfect for you! Thank you! I LEARNT SO MUCH.”

However, the news comes barely a day after her first radio mix was played on Gagasi FM on 3 April. Reports earlier this week confirmed that Pearl Thusi had joined the Midday Connexion Crew on Gagasi FM for April.

DJ Sonic seemingly confirmed the news in an Instagram post. He posted, “Catch @pearlthusi this April blessing us with doo sounds on Wednesday with #WomenCrushWednesday mix.”

Over the years, the Midday Connexion Crew has undoubtedly been credited for playing and giving several artists exposure.


After adding DJing to her resume, Pearl Thusi posted on Instagram, “Delay is not denial. Trust in the process. I’ve made a dream come true. Whether this makes sense to you, worry about yourself and make your dreams come true. I pray this convinces you to never give up on your goals.”

“I was always so worried about what everyone would say about this decision for nearly a decade. Angisanandaba nezinkulumo zabantu. I practised until I couldn’t stand it. I’m so happy because I overcame the fear of judgement, forgetting that only God has the right to judge me. I’m free,” added Pearl Thusi.

No doubt Pearl Thusi has been busy and booked of late. Last month, she announced her first international gig in Zambia. Recently, she revealed that she will be on the decks in Pretoria at Moloko.