BI Phakathi Miss Albany Lungisani Mjaji

Lethkukhanye Mjaji was sent R10k by BI Phakthi. Image via Instagram @myfootprint_innovativephotog

BI Phakathi sends little girl R10k, urges Albany to ‘do the right thing’

BI Phakathi has blessed the little girl Lethukukhanye Mjaji — this after a photographer alleged that the Albany brand did not pay them.

BI Phakathi Miss Albany Lungisani Mjaji

Lethkukhanye Mjaji was sent R10k by BI Phakthi. Image via Instagram @myfootprint_innovativephotog

Good Samaritan BI Phakathi on Friday, 5 April donated a whopping R10,000 to go to the beloved little girl known for her infectious smile Lethukukhanye Mjaji — this comes after her uncle revealed that Albany brand allegedly did not compensate them for their photographs.


Earlier this week, photographer Lungisani Mjaji took to social media to set the record straight, saying Albanay brand allegedly did not pay him or his niece.

“We received no compensation from that Albany thing,” he said. “Let’s dispel the notion that we gained anything from it. We’ve moved on, we’re creating, and I trust that God will guide our path,” he added.

The 26-year-old commercial photographer from KwaNongidi in KwaZulu-Natal then voiced that he does all he can to take care of his niece.

“I personally support the child with what little I have. Ubuntu abusekho [there is no more ubuntu],” he wrote on his timelines.

Speaking with Sunday World recently, Lungisani allegedly slammed brands, saying that they often use artists who are uninformed about the industry for their own selfish gain.

“I do not want to say the Albany people used my niece or my work for their gain. But they reposted the pictures on their social media platforms. Yes, they do not owe us anything because we had no agreement. But a token of appreciation, especially for the child, would have greatly helped,” the upcoming photographer was quoted as saying.

BI Phakathi Miss Albany Lungisani Mjaji
Photos of Lethkukhanye Mjaji. Image via Instagram @myfootprint_innovativephotog

After seeing Lungisani Mjaji’s post, BI Phakathi tagged the bread company and urged them to “do the right thing”. This as he reshared the photographer’s post via X (the social media previously known as Twitter). 

Albany brand has seemingly not responded. Meanwhile, BI Phakathi has decided to take it upon himself to help Lungisani and his niece. BI has gifted the little girl a whopping R10,000.

“Showing love to the young girl. We are donating R10,000 for her to keep her smiling,” BI Phakathi announced.


VW Travel and Tours has also announced that they will send Lungisani Mjaji and his niece Lethukukhanye Mjaji on an international trip. The company shared that not only are they giving the duo R2000, but they have booked them an all-expenses paid vacation out of the country.

“We want the girl to go on an international trip with Lungisani and the mother of the girl. If they don’t have passports, we will start with funding passport applications FOR ALL 3.  It will be a trip to Mozambique, everything covered,” the company said.