Former 'Backstage' star Thahira Syed: Where's 'Naomi Singh' now?

Former ‘Backstage’ star Thahira Syed: Where’s ‘Naomi Singh’ now? Images via Twitter @JaydenLotto and @_usneh

Former ‘Backstage’ star Thahira Syed: Where’s ‘Naomi Singh’ now?

What happened to talented actress Thahira Syed after she exited’s canned soapie ‘Backstage’ as Naomi Singh?

Former 'Backstage' star Thahira Syed: Where's 'Naomi Singh' now?

Former ‘Backstage’ star Thahira Syed: Where’s ‘Naomi Singh’ now? Images via Twitter @JaydenLotto and @_usneh

Actress Thahira Syed, who is best known for her role as Naomi Singh in Backstage, hasn’t appeared on South African TV for a few years now.

Where is she now?


TVSA reports that actress Thahira Syed played the role of an acting coach, Naomi Singh, on the soapie, Backstage from 2005 to 2007.

Syed also portrayed the role of Shaan Naidoo-Maistry in SABC1’s soapie Generations from 1998 to 2004.

When IOL asked her about her exit from Generations, Syed said at the time that she needed to “thank the viewers who’ve watched and empathised with Shaan over the years”.

“It’s time for me to concentrate on my next five-year plan. I’m very excited. I want to freelance. As an actor I need to move out of my comfort zone.

“I’m also going to register for my Honours in Sociology. I might also go to film school in London. I love the thought of so many possibilities. I feel like I’ve been let loose in a candy store. The sky’s the limit.”

Her LinkedIn profile reveals that she worked as a Report Writer for Nedbank from January 2018 to December 2019.


@MazibukoNomhle: “She is in the corporate industry now. I worked with her at Nedbank’s head office in Sandton. Her real name is Thahira Syed.”

@Musawe12: “I saw her on gangs of London and some movie also based in England.”

@JaydenLotto: “Apparently she works in corporate now.”

@JeanMiaka: “It seems like she isn’t acting anymore.”

@JaydenLotto: “Never saw her after Generations.”

@Msijaman: “Shaun of Generations. She was just too slender and delicate. Babyface non-aging.”

@Johnny__the_2nd: “I saw her on some American movie she was acting as a director.”


The former Backstage actress Thahira Syed also portrayed the character of Kerishnee in S3’s canned soapie, Isidingo.

Speaking about her role, the actress said at the time: “I think I have always been in a safe place before, and this role made me step out of my shell and do it in every scene, every day. I felt so alive playing her. This is definitely one of the most exciting roles in my career.”

She’s also played the role of Aahna on SABC1’s drama series, Intersexions season one, and played Odessa in Keeping Score season one.

Syed also played the character of Carol, an advertising representative in’s long-running show, Scandal!