AKA, bonang, dj zinhle

AKA’s father Tony Forbes has reflected on the rapper’s affair with Bonang Matheba.
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@akaworldwide/ YouTube screenshot

‘Disappointed: AKA’s dad reflects on rapper’s ‘affair’ with Bonang

AKA’s father Tony Forbes admitted to ‘crying’ when he found out that the rapper had ditched DJ Zinhle for Bonang Matheba.

AKA, bonang, dj zinhle

AKA’s father Tony Forbes has reflected on the rapper’s affair with Bonang Matheba.
Images via Instagram:
@akaworldwide/ YouTube screenshot

Tony Forbes, the father of AKA – real name Kiernan Forbes – has reflected on his son’s affair with media personality Bonang. This while the rapper, who was dating DJ ZInhle at the time, was pregnant with their child Kairo.

In a tell-all podcast this week, Tony spoke about his son’s high-profile relationship with the popular TV star – which made headlines in 2015.

Apart from Zinhle and Bonang, AKA would go on to date Anele Tembe and Nadia Nakai before his untimely death in 2023.

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Speaking on the Within With Hazel podcast, Tony Forbes shed light on his son’s scandalous 2015 alleged affair with Bonang Matheba while his girlfriend DJ Zinhle was pregnant.

Describing it as a “difficult period,” the father-of-three claimed he felt “hurt” for Zinhle.

He said: “I burst out crying. I was also disappointed because at that time because he didnt admit it. I said: ‘Don’t make the mother of your child out to be a liar. Come out and admit it’”.

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AKA would eventually admit to the affair in an interview on Real Talk with Anele in 2018.

Tony then went on to describe how his relationship with AKA’s new girlfriend.

He continued: “I was never antagonistic to Bonang, and she never treated me badly. Whenever I went to the place they stayed, she tried to make me feel welcome. I embraced her and accepted her as Kiernan’s partner”.

He added: “That was his choice. It’s not for me to choose for my children who their partners are. He chose Bonang, and I had to accept it, as much as I was disappointed at how things unfolded”.

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While Bonang is no longer in the picture, DJ Zinhle still is, thanks to their “blended family” relationship.

Tony continued of Kairo’s mom: “For me, she is family. She is the mother of my grandchild. I love her as my own family now.

“Zinhle will always be in my heart.”

He added that he had “no animosity” to Bonang.

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In 2015, AKA and Bonang Matheba went public with their relationship. The high-profile relationship was volatile, starting and ending on messy terms.

According to Zinhle, AKA’s romantic relationship with Bonang began as an affair – when she was pregnant with their daughter Kairo – an allegation he admitted to years later.

Bonang Matheba and AKA in happier times. Image via Instagram @akaworldwide

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AKA and Bonang would split in 2018 over allegations of cheating on her part

The rapper later released a diss track called Beyonce, in which he threw shade at the “Queen B,” a nickname for Bonang.

Without naming her, he also accused his high-profile ex of witchcraft after alleging to have found “rocks” in his wardrobe after their split.