AKA, Anele Tembe and Moses Tembe

AKA, Anele Tembe and Moses Tembe. Images via X @joy_zelda, @akaworldwide

‘AKA never put his foot wrong’: Anele’s father Moses Tembe on his love for the rapper

Business tycoon Moses Tembe has spoken candidly about his relationship with slain rapper AKA, who was his late daughter’s fiancé.

AKA, Anele Tembe and Moses Tembe

AKA, Anele Tembe and Moses Tembe. Images via X @joy_zelda, @akaworldwide

The father of the late Anele Tembe, Moses Tembe, has revealed that he loved his son-in-law, AKA – real name Kiernan Forbes.

The Durban-based businessman was speaking during an interview with SABC News reporter Chriselda Lewis, three years after his daughter’s death.

Anele – popularly known as “Nelli” – fell to her death from the 10th floor of the Pepperclub Hotel on Loop Street in Cape Town on 11 April 2021. At the time, she was in the company of the hip-hop artist who was murdered in Durban less than two years later, on 10 February 2023.


During the interview, Tembe said that he emphasised the importance of treating the award-winning rapper as his son because he had become a part of the family.

“AKA was not just a boyfriend. Aka was a fiancé and he had approached us [because] he wanted to marry our daughter. We had accepted him as a son too,” he said.

Asked if he like the musician, Tembe said “definitely”.

“I liked AKA and I belive I am the first person to tell you that AKA never put his foot wrong in front of me. He never said anything amiss. I like him a lot.

“Whatever people were saying about him, I gave him the benefit of the doubt right up to the last day. I loved AKA so much,” he added.

Although they have tried to remain objective as a family, Tembe said that they needed to hear AKA’s version of events, hence the inquest into Anele’s death.

“It has always been critical for the family to have AKA on the box, whether as a witness or as an accused. For us, proper closure requires that the last person that was with our daughter be present.”


Two weeks after AKA’s murder, his posthumous album, Mass Country, was released. In one of the songs titled Diary (Anxiety), the rapper opened up losing Anele. He also touched on how the Tembes cut him off after her passing.

“I cannot feel no pain, nothing comes close to the way I feel when I go back in my memory bank and I see that frame. That s**t burned my brain forever,” he rapped in Diary (Anxiety).

Additionally, he claimed that no contact was made by the Tembes to his family after Anele’s funeral.

“I gave it everything that I had. How you gon’ cap and not even make one phone call to my mom or my dad after we part to send down the casket? That s**t is wack. Passive aggressive. Never mind Bheki Cele, he wasn’t even on the programme. I wrote the speech and took my seat and nope nothing. My name was nowhere,” he continued.