Lesego Tlhabi

Lesego Tlhabi is furious with Quiteria and claims she was fat-shamed during a fitting. Image via Twitter @PhilMphela

Lesego Tlhabi slates Quiteria: ‘He called me a fatty boom boom’

‘Trending SA’ presenter Lesego Tlhabi has called out fashion designer Quiteria Kekana for allegedly fat-shaming her during a fitting.

Lesego Tlhabi

Lesego Tlhabi is furious with Quiteria and claims she was fat-shamed during a fitting. Image via Twitter @PhilMphela

Social media sensation-turned-television personality Lesego Tlhabi is best known for creating the comedic character Coconut Kelz. But Tlhabi showed her less-than-amused side this week after a fitting at fashion designer Quiteria Kekana went completely pear-shaped.

Tlhabi took to Twitter on Wednesday and shared that she had gone to the designer’s store to try on clothing. She alleged that, after she could not find her size, she was fat-shamed by Quiteria and called by names like “fatty boom boom”.

The media personality said she was hurt by the incident and felt she was being discriminated against for being curvy.

Lesego Tlhabi tweets about body shaming

Quiteria Kekana is accused of calling Lesego Tlhabi fat. Image via Instagram @quiteria_atelier1

A clearly hurt Lesego Tlhabi said:

“I was made to feel like less than nothing today because of my body. My body is not good enough for his dresses and he let that s***t be known. He could’ve said that to the stylist on the phone.”

“Hey I’m hurt. And of course, I have to shake it off because it’s for work. Your day really can get ruined on account of you being a big girl in a way that no-one else will understand. The industry literally doesn’t want us. It’s wild,” she wrote.

Outpouring of support for Lesego Tlhabi

Twitter users sent Tlhabi many messages of support while also sharing their own experiences of body shaming. They asked the comedian to name and shame the designer involved.

Tlhabi was reluctant at first, citing a work contract. However, she ended up naming Quiteria Kekana of Quiteria Atelier, formerly known as Quiteria and George, as the alleged guilty party.

“Actually nah. It’s Quiteria and George. What happens from there is above me. It was sh*t sh*t sh*t. If I lose this opportunity, I lose it. I will never, ever wear something from there. And it was ‘Q’ himself,” she alleged.


Quiteria responds to the charge on Instagram live

Amid the growing backlash, Kekana responded to the claim on his Instagram live feed. The designer denied he had fat-shamed Lesego Tlhabi and accused her of defaming him. He said he would not apologise to her as he had not done anything wrong.

“There’s no statement I’m writing. I’m not apologising for anything because I didn’t have a conversation with her. I’d never call her fat … She’s lying and that’s defamation of character.

“The wardrobe manager was present at the time and there was no way I could belittle any person,” Kekana said.

Here’s a wrap of the thread for those who missed it:


Lexi Van claims she was also fat-shamed

Lesego Tlhabi is not the only person to allege she was fat-shamed by Quiteria Kekana. Lexi Van, of Big Brother Mzansi, shared an experience she allegedly had with the designer back in 2015.

“I’m not surprised, Lesego. I was [allegedly] told I’m fat too in 2015 whilst doing a fitting with them. The way Q pulled his face when I tried on a dress was pure disgust. He said my body needed ‘some major work’ ’cause there isn’t really a dress for me,” she tweeted.

South African celebrities rallied behind Lesego Tlhabi and called on Kekana to apologise to her.

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