Leon schuster

Mzansi is worried about famous actor Leon Schuster. Image via Twitter @SchuksCountry

‘Long live Leon: Sweet posts pour in for Mr Schucks Schuster

Get well soon: Kind words have poured in from all over South Africa for legendary comedian Leon Schuster who has been hospitalised.

Leon schuster

Mzansi is worried about famous actor Leon Schuster. Image via Twitter @SchuksCountry

South African comedian Leon Schuster recently revealed that he is in hospital. The funny guy is reportedly recovering from back surgery at a hospital in Pretoria. A video of Schuster taken in hospital has left his millions of South African fans concerned.

Hundreds of them have headed online to share sweet “get well soon” messages with Leon whose movies were always a source of laughter for many.

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SA wishes Leon Schuster well after he is hospitalised

South Africans are still reeling from the passing of TV legend Derek Watts or lost his battle to cancer on Tuesday 22 August this week.

They appear to be a little extra sensitive upon hearing the news that famous comedian Leon Schuster is currently in hospital.

leon schuster, springboks
Leon Schuster has been hospitalised. Images via Facebook: Afrikaanse Musiek

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Leon’s close friend Rene Stokes revealed in an online post that the Mr Bones star is in a Pretoria facility where he is recovering from an operation on his back.

Stokes shared a clip of Leon who appears to be in high spirits and shared his support for the country’s national rugby team, the Springboks.

Take a look at the clip here.

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Cancelled comedian?

The South African previously reported comedian Leon built himself a blossoming career as a comedian and prankster.

His films made millions of people laugh. As the term “woke” rose to popularity, Schuster faced being “cancelled” by society after he was accused of using black face to make a profit — something he later admitted to regretting.

On 19 June 2020, South African streaming service Showmax then made the decision to remove over six of his films from the platform citing that they were racially insensitive.

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