Faith Nketsi Yahyuppiyah challenge

Faith Nketsi. image via Instagram @littest_2001

‘Leave it to the youngsters’: Faith Nketsi fails the Yahyuppiyah dance challenge on TikTok [video]

South African model Faith Nketsi shocked fans as she failed to pull the Yahyuppiyah dance challenge on TikTok.

Faith Nketsi Yahyuppiyah challenge

Faith Nketsi. image via Instagram @littest_2001

South African model and dancer Faith Nketsi failed to make the moves of the Yahyuppiyah dance challenge.

The Yahyuppiyah dance had been viral on TikTok, and many top celebs did the challenge.

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Some celebs who did the challenge are even older than Faith Nkletsi, but they managed to pull a few moves.

Among them are actresses Connie Ferguson and Connie Chiume, who are all above fifty years of age.

Faith Nketsi tried to do the challenge when making a TikTok video but could not last long before failing.

She admitted that she must be leaving certain dance moves to youngsters saying.

“Sometimes we gotta leave it to the youngsters”

Faith Nketsi Yahyuppiyah challenge
Faith Nketsi and Nzuzo Njilo. Image via Instagram @faith.nketsi


Given her solid background in dancing, Faith Nketsi’s failure in the Yahyuppiyah dance challenge is shocking.

She seemed to be joking or unwilling to put enough effort into mastering the dance move.

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Even though Faith Nketsi later deleted the video on her TikTok account, most fans had already shared it.

Some have left comments with a lot of disbelief that Faith is making jokes by failing to dance.

Some only gushed over her beauty as they praised her for keeping her body in shape after giving birth.


Many celebs did the Yahyuppiyah dance challenge that Faith Nketsi faileD.

Deli Malinga, Nomsa Buthelezi, Connie Chiume, and Nadia Nakai did the same dance well.

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Among them, Deli Malinga impressed fans the most and below are some of the top comments.

“Mina angihlula Onke these challenges 🙌🙌🙌”

“Lol I have a bittersweet feeling about you hey, I love you so much ❤️🙌 but your character gets under my skin yhuuu😂😂😭😭”

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“Yhuuuuu hayi wena shame nokuba ndingakuthuka when I meet you in real life 😂😂. Umenza umntu abe kwi story and really ngentliziyo nengqondo😂😂😂. You are doing a great job, sis I don’t wanna lie, you wear each role with passion 🙌🙌”

“Yhooo I refuse to see Mamzobe ejabule kanje😢.😂😂😂😂”