Lady Zamar tired of being on t

Singer Lady Zamar. Image via Instagram: @lady_zamar

Lady Zamar tired of being on the receiving end of hate

Since levelling allegations of rape against famous musician, and ex-boyfriend Sjava. Lady Zamar has been a target of online hate.

Lady Zamar tired of being on t

Singer Lady Zamar. Image via Instagram: @lady_zamar

Lady Zamar was once a revered musical act, with legions of fans across South Africa. But lately, the “Collide” hitmaker has been struggling to regain her former momentum. The songstress has also been a target of cyberbullying on the social media platform Twitter.

Lady Zamar’s sudden decline

Zamar’s troubles started when she levelled allegations of rape against her ex-boyfriend, and prominent musician Sjava. Since then, the singer has not received a moment of rest from those accusing her of lying against Sjava. In 2020 the NPA threw out the rape case, and things took a turn for the worst.

Since then, Zamar’s public image has suffered severely at the hands of public opinion. So much so that the “My Baby” hitmaker took to the Twitter streets to write a heart-wrenching tweet, that left her fans worried.

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Tweeps vs Lady Zamar

“I can’t move on from your assumptions of what happened to me… you’ve made your opinions my truth… what’s the end goal of all this hate and why are you so determined to believe a story that’s not even full or mine?… when I try to tell you my truth you guys don’t wanna hear it, when I try to move on you guys attack me” wrote @Lady_Zamar

To say the Twitter streets are icy would be an understatement. Even after reading that post, the comment section was still unforgiving. Others say that the reason Zamar is on the receiving end of endless hate is because her allegation against Sjava was a lie.

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“Falsely accusing a man of rape in a country where rape stats are high is nothing to joke about. He could’ve easily be serving a sentence for a crime he didn’t commit while you continue with life like nothing happened and refer to yourself as an easy target” wrote @KCxMU_Supporter under Zamar’s tweet

A cause for concern

“Do you want me to kill myself, do you want me to die, be murdered, go to jail to make you guys happy… do you guys want me to stop making music or publicly cry so you can see how I actually feel about what happened to me?” tweeted Lady Zamar

The songstress ended her tweet with a picture of a dangling rope, the caption on the picture read “Solution sometimes to your problems.” Zamar’s entire post is concerning, and further reiterates that social media continues to be used as a vehicle to bully, shame, and hurt others.