lady du dj choc

Lady Du’s dad DJ Choc just shared an apology with her. Images via Twitter: @musa_khawula/@ladydusa

Lady Du’s dad slams her poverty claims, calls her a dog in shocking clip

Yikes! Lady Du’s father just hurled a bunch of insults at her after she insinuated that she didn’t have the best childhood. Take a look…

lady du dj choc

Lady Du’s dad DJ Choc just shared an apology with her. Images via Twitter: @musa_khawula/@ladydusa

South African musician Lady Du has rubbed her father the wrong way after implying that she grew up poor. Heading online, her dad slammed her by saying that she had a good life which he worked hard to provide for her.

He also had a few other harsh words to share with the amapiano artist that not everyone agreed with.

Lady Du’s dad slams her in shocking video

Lady Du’s father Choc has come out guns blazing to shame his daughter for implying that she had a difficult life. This is after the artist said that she is working hard to give her daughter the life that she didn’t have as a child.

Her dad however found her words unfair and decided to share some pretty harsh words with her in turn.

In a clip that has since gone viral online, the dad shares how he worked hard to provide her with a good life. At one point, he even takes credit for her current success.

“I do not know what Lady Du means when she says she grew up poor when I worked so hard to give her a comfortable life. She then went and h*ed around and ate money with all these men and she continues to spend money on these men. What is she doing now? She did not grow up poor, she had everything she needed.

“She is who she is because of me. Today you see me as a piece of sh*t but she can go around telling people that she grew up poor. She is a do, I gave birth to a child that is a dog” he says in the clip that was shared on Twitter by gossip blogger Musa Khawula.

Netizens react

Mr KrB said:

Lady Du was one of the most spoilt kids in our hood. Choc really did everything for her. He’s the one who taught her music, and how to Dj. Everyone knew her as a spoilt brat.

@minniet24 said:

“Dudu drove the latest BMWs she grew up with a gold spoon I dunno what nonsense is this she is doing to her father after soo many sacrifices I’d also call her a dog :broken_heart::broken_heart:I feel for that man”

@entle said:

“ True! I remember attending her 21st at Whitehouse her parents made sure it was the party of the year! We all know her through her dad! Yoh im even shocked that Choc is calling his daughter a dog, just wonder what went wrong!”

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